Stihl BR550 or BR600 blower?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by recycledsole, Nov 4, 2012.

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    A buddy of mine has a leaf plow and although they are great at moving piles of leaves they also compact them to the point where it is difficult to vac them up and they have to be broken up with a steel rake first.

    The problem with a wheel blower is you can only blow from the back of the pile and after a while you get an immovable wall. You can break through it, push some of the leaves ahead and then funnel the rest of the leaves through the slot, but that takes time. With a large backpack blower you can blow the front of the pile forward and then bring the rear of the pile up behind it.

    I find that my wheel blower actually wears me out more than my 580 does...I've never been huffing and puffing and sweating using a backpack blower the way I do using a wheel blower on turf. I reserve my wheel blower for pushing leaves through slots such as gaps in hedge rows or a fence gate or pitching leaves into the woods...often leaving it stationary and feeding it with my backpack blower. When it comes down to it I find that the control and versatility of a large backpack blower wins over the power of a wheel blower in most situations.

    As far as a leaf vac goes, I don't find much use for that either. To me it's like moving the mountain to the man rather than taking the man to the have to get all the leaves to your rig. I prefer to pick up with my mower and rear bagger. I guess a lot has to do with the size or your crew, the properties you service and your preferences. I'm fortunate that I only have to haul leaves on a handful of my accounts. On most of the propeties I service the leaves can either be blown into the woods in bulk, blown to the edge of the woods and shredded with the mower or picked up with the mower and then dumped to the woods or a compost pile.
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    that is all true. usually when i'm leaf plowing i'm pushing this massive pile into the woods, or to the curb for the town to pick up. But last year i used my leaf loader for a few jobs before the crank went, and i did leaf plow the leaves to the curb and it had no issues sucking up the leaves but the pile was only 2 or 3ft high. so they weren't really packed. and as far as moving the mountain to the man. my old boss would mount his in his plow mounts, and have his leaf box on his f350 dump and he would drive right up to the pile on several of his commercial properties. I think if the ground were solid, most residential customers wouldn't care, well i know most of mine wouldn't. I would still ask first. but i would try to drive up to pile if it were really big.
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    It seems that compaction of piles has a lot to do with the type of leaves and how wet they are. Dry oak leaves no problem, wet Maple leaves, good luck. I have used my JRCO tine rake as a leaf plow before and also just my Lazer...just drop the deck and drive into the pile. Having the Ultravac on seems to make a big difference in how many I can push.
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    messing with piles of whole leaves is for the birds.

    mulch me up a bit first and it's a lot easier.
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    Tempting...very tempting, lol.
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    nice darryl, real nice, haha
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    Yea I like making more room on the curb that is where the plow really shines. Most of my clients have those circle drive ways that are just too long to plow the leaves to the curb. I bent the plow a little the other day because there was a stump about a foot into the drive way that they paved around!:cry: I have the plow on my Dixie just because the cheetah is so long and I didn't want to scatch up the paint front. I does ok but has no traction with those ag tires on it. But it is fun to slide around on the driveways and road. I see we have to same taste in equipment Scags and Stihl.:)
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    thanks for posting the link to that review. Ive been eyeballing blowers for my equipment purchase in the spring, and its going to be the stihl 600 i think.
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    The BR600 is a toy compared to the Husqvarna 580BTS!!! I seen four of them in action this morning and I was anything but impressed.

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