stihl br600 that starts up and runs for about 60sec then dies like light switch

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by gmlm, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. gmlm

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    my br 600....starts fine and idles up to full throttle with no problem. about a minute later it turns off like you hit the switch. it doesnt seem to be a fuel problem because it doesnt choke just turns right off.

    it has a new spark plug, fuel filter, air filter, and coil ignition module....all done this week. didnt do anything to change the problem.

    any help would be greatly appreciated....its got me boggled.
  2. ricky86

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    A bacpac is under load all the time, so it could very well be a fuel problem.
    It's the next logical step. As for the module, was it losing spark when running? Although it's not the problem, check the valve lash when you have the shroud off. If you decide to repair the fuel system, it makes sense to replace carb and lines.
    Unless you're going to landscaper it. :) (no explaination needed)
  3. gmlm

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    @ricky86 ok...that is my next step then. ill order the carb now.... the blower is about 3 years old, so it definitely wont hurt changing it...i might even learn something.. thankyou for your help.
  4. tigerepairdotcom

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    Messages: 330 - Sprayers/BR550 - 4282 - Parts Manual.pdf Is the parts manual for br 600

    Why do people change carbs rather than cleaning/rebuilding?

    Also you need to check if it has spark when it dies.

    If no spark then you are looking at coil issues.

    There are shims under the coil that need to be present to not transfer heat into the coil if its getting too hot could be stopping spark.

    Make sure your new coil has these shims UNDER THE COIL 4282 404 9300 is the PN see the diagram

    If you have no spark after dying check for shims under coil

    If shims are present replace coil


    If it sparks when it dies rebuild carb and replace fuel system components as necessary.
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  5. tigerepairdotcom

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    It is very important for you to post your results once the problem is solved so that people will be able to reference a solution to their problem down the road. YEARS may go by and someone has the same problem PLEASE POST YOUR "IT WAS FIXED WITH x SOLUTION.
  6. ChuckPMi

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    I have an FS350 doing the same thing with the same new parts as your machine except I also have a rebuilt carburetor. Just before it went out today I noticed that the fuel in the tank was churning. Maybe the churning gets worse and worse until at the 60 second or so point the intake line is no longer picking up adequate fuel. I don't know what is causing the churning unless the return fuel lines are picking up air because they are loose (they are old). Next step will be to replace them. I know a blower and a trimmer are different but the principles of operation should be the same. Check your tank and see if the fuel is sitting quietly or churning during the short run period.
  7. 707Mental1

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    Had the same problem here at work. Removed the ignition and found that one of the plastic washers that are supposed to be behind the ignition module was missing and caused the ignition module to heat up and quit working. Replaced the missing washer and set the gap and.... hasn't died since. Good luck.
  8. Patriot Services

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    So does it start right back up? After cool down? Put a spark checker on it right after it does it again. Does it restart with a squirt of fuel oe spray? You have to stat eliminating things as soon as the problem happens to narrow down the problem.
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  9. BigFish

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    Looks like the "problem" happened around this time LAST YEAR! Oops!
  10. Patriot Services

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    Universally good info for nearly every post on here.
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