Stihl BR600 won't run when hot (stalls out)

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by A.Kingsford, Oct 19, 2017.

  1. A.Kingsford

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    I bought this unit new about 3 years ago and it worked great up until this season. It starts perfectly and runs great for about 10-15 minutes. Then (while still at full throttle) it stalls out warning, no hesitation first, nothing. I can't feather the throttle or drop to idle to keep it going. It will immediately start back up and run great again for up to 30 seconds, but it will keep stalling unless I let it cool completely.

    I've replaced the carb, fuel lines, air filter, spark plug. Checked clearance on valves, plug, and ignition module. Cleaned/removed spark arrestor, cleaned magneto contacts on flywheel. I use 89 octane (up to 10% ethanol, but what can you do about that anymore?). Synthetic Stihl brand HP Ultra oil mixed 50:1.

    The serial # is 292745529.

    Any ideas???
  2. ricky86

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    Usually when they just shut off it's an ign problem. There were problems with a vendor during that period. But stop wasting money throwing parts at it. For the failure that was that occurring during that span, you can get by with a cheap inline tester. It would lose all spark.
    And if and when you replace the module, make sure you use the small plastic insulating washers between the laminations and bosses on engine.
    They stop some of the heat sink after you shut it off after long periods of use. They use to come with the module. They don't anymore. They do make a difference. Don't let some hammerhead tell you otherwise.
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  3. Merkava_4

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  4. c0ke

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    I would probably replace your ignition coil.
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  5. A.Kingsford

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    It needed new fuel lines and filters anyway. The only thing I probably didn't need was the carburetor, but it wasn't much.

    I just ordered a new ignition module for a few bucks... hopefully that does it.

    Thanks for the quick answers.
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  6. c0ke

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    No problem. Good luck. We had the same thing happen with some of our equipment. I hope everything works out
  7. roody2333

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    in case he doesn't reply that the new ignition coil aka magneto fixed it, then I would vote that also. He replaced the carb already so it shouldn't be the Rich/Lean adjustment on the carb causing the stall out. I have a backpack that the ignition coil caused a similar problem: starts up and runs perfect but a PITA to restart when the engine's hot. Let it cool 20 mins and it starts right up. Replaced the ignition coil and the problem went away. It's a Ryobi backpack so the ignition coil was pretty cheap on ebay (~$12) but they start to go again in 9-12 months.
  8. Brumas

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    @Kingsford it would be nice if you would tell us if the the new ignition coil solved the problem.
    I have a br600 with the same problem.
    It starts right away and after a a few minutes of work it just shutdown.
    it starts right after again but it last less than a minute if is just idling will last longer.
    So you guys say that is about changing the ignition coil?
    I had other br600 that had a similar problem. This one would work for a bit and then overheated and would just shutdown he would start and shutdown again. but in that case the engine was knocking and it seems something got inside and score the cylinder.
    I just don't understand how an engine shuts down (power cut off) when is overheated, does the br600 has a heat sensor? Because I don't thing so.

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