Stihl Chain Saw 010 Chain question.

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    I need some help. I am ignorant on chain saws. I just picked up a stihl saw model 010 at a garage sale. Paid 10.00. I cleaned it up and it now runs great. My question revolves around chains. I believe the saw is a 16" saw. How do you measure the length. I need a replacement chain but cannot locate this model number anymore, it must be an old one. There are no numbers on the chain except for stihl z-1. What is the differences in guage and pitch size. How do I know how many drive links there are? I wan't to get a chain that fits properly.

    You guys have helped me in the past and I am thanking you in advance

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    The 010 stihl uses 1 of 2 bar sizes 14" OR 16"

    To determine what size you have, lay the chain out and count the drive links ( the parts that go into the bar )

    If it is a Stihl bar and chain, 50 drive links is 14"
    and 55 drive links is a 16"

    The size chain would be known as a 3/8 pitch .050 guage picco
    Stihl chain.

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