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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by dh500, Aug 12, 2005.

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    The other day I called in on my local dealer to buy some chains and things for my Stihl 023 chainsaw (about 10 years old) and took the opportunity to have a look at the current models. I now have some questions and would be grateful for any advice.

    (1) Searching this site, I find the overwhelming majority of messages about Stihl chainsaws are generally favorable. Is this based on the larger professional models and does this opinion apply to the small homeowner models?
    (2) The Stihl USA site does not list the MS230C. Is this model being discontinued?
    (3) The Australian Stihl site generally lists the "C" models, eg MS210C but not MS210. Are the "non-C" models being discontinued?
    (4) What is the "Easy2Start" feature? Is it the same as the decompression device?
    (5) Is the decompression device a good or a bad thing to have? It seems to me that a small saw in good condition is so easy to start anyway that a decompression device could be an unnecessary complication and possible source of problems later.
    (6) Do users generally find the "no tools" chain adjustment a good feature? Does the mechanism tend to clog up with sawdust and bits of grass and stuff to a greater extent than the old simple and robust system?
    (7) The MS230C box was marked "Made in Germany". Do the saws sold in USA come from Germany also?

  2. Lawn Masters

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    to answer your questions in order,
    1. Stihl saws are generally all good, especially the pro models, ie the 024,026, MS361, 440, 660, 880, the 192T(has a recall on it currently) MS200T are pro models, I know I left a few out, but these are the current and most common pro machines out there.
    2. the MS230 is not made for the US market, but last I checked, its a current model in other nations.
    3. the non C models are still available, the C model just has that toolless chain tensioner on them.
    4. the easy2start system is a homeowner grade feature, its essentially something you pull the rope easy, and it winds a spring, which when you do something, I forget what, it spins the engine and starts it.
    5. Decompression valves are not necessary on saws under 50CCs, though Stihl features it on the MS260 PRO. its basically a little valve built into the cylinder that you push, when you are starting the saw to release some of the compression from those high compression saw engines to make starting easier. its a NECESSARY thing on a McCulloch SP125 chainsaw, or you'll dislocate your shoulder starting it.
    6. I havent heard anything bad about the tool less adjustment feature yet from anyone, but there may be people complaining, I just havent heard it.
    7. the MS230 you have is in Austrailia, Germany makes only the MS361, 440, 460, 660, and 880 for the US market, all others here are built in VA beach, at the US plant.

    I hope I've helped you some here.
  3. True Cut Lawn Maintenance

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    i own a tooless adj saw and i wouldnt buy anything but in the future love that thing
  4. Nosmo

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    Greatest thing since they started putting pockets on shirts. No problems whatsoever with mine.

    If I am down in the woods cutting firewood and develope a little slack in the chain it is really convenient making the adjustment without a
    hike back to the truck to use wrenches.


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