STIHL Commercial Lithium-Ion Series (Electric Rechargeable Trimmers/Blower) 36v

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by TimTim2008, Apr 17, 2012.

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    My take on this after reading this entire thread is, that at this time, battery powered handhelds are largely going to be a novelty, with regards to commercial use. There are those who will purchase them, simply because they like to be able to say they have the newest thing on the block, just like they have to upgrade their TV or cell phone every time something new hits the market, even if what they have works perfectly well.

    Myself, I'm one of those "wait and see" type of individuals, and likely I won't be in this business long enough to see a time when battery powered is more economical and/or, legislated into use in this area. I can, however, almost guarantee that they will, at some point, in some areas, become mandatory. It is my understanding that there are cities now that ban gas-powered blowers, so adding trimmers, edgers, chainsaws to that list, is just a natural progression.

    Now, if I were a homeowner, who ran my trimmer maybe 20 minutes or so a week, and never left the house with it, I might seriously consider one of these units. No gas can to store, no mix to buy, no having to mess with mixing, and no reason to purchase an extra battery. Just buy the trimmer with one battery and the slow, and I'm guessing, cheaper charger, and you are in business.
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    If you buy the MotoMix, gas is way over $15 a gallon.
    If you just use the HP Ultra oil, it's closer to $7 a gallon.
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    I use the ultra HP. Moto mix is for homeowners with very small yards. I mix up 2 to 2 1/2 gallons at a time depending on the season. I forget how much is the mix when you buy in the 6 packs? I didn't think it would come to 7 dollars a gallon when gas is 3 dollars.
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    The unit still requires energy to run, which it draws from a battery that must be recharged with electricity that is produced by burning fossil fuels!

    Bit of a lecture...
    The electric company can not simply produce just the electricity required so that when I plug in a 100w lamp it simply produces 100 watts more at the generating end, it doesn't work that way... The electricity that my lamp is about to use when I turn it on must already be present, otherwise the lamp won't light... And for that to happen the electric company must take an educated guess based on historical records as to how many megawatts of electricity are being used by the hour on any given day, and it then over-produces this demand by about 20 percent to make sure there is always enough power available.

    For any electric device to work, there must be enough electricity present in the pool.
    Unfortunately it's either there or it isn't, we can't store it for later use, we can produce it but if it doesn't get used, it is lost.
    Hence, electricity in its production is only about 80% efficient.
    And we are using this electricity to recharge the battery that ultimately must power the unit.
    A unit which requires just as much power whether it burns fuel or electricity...

    All we have managed to accomplish is put smoke and mirrors around a situation by diverting the path of energy and making it look like this is the solution to the problem, but the truth is we are still using just as much energy and burning just as much fossil fuel in the process, truthfully since we are now using three steps in delivering energy from the production end to the consuming one we are probably using more energy now than if we had simply used a gas trimmer to begin with.

    Might be a bit quieter, and maybe a little more pollution friendly due to the fact that hand held tools don't have catalysators but then I'm not sure if electric companies do...
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    Really? Did not know that.

    However most power plants have been moved out of the city into attainment areas. The other is they hope you charge them at night when the power plants are otherwise idle.

    I know, we are just shifting over sources. *trucewhiteflag*
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    Yeah mine aren't doing anything even remotely similar.

    Austria, btw. Made in Austria.
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    Just a note on the power inverter. I install a 110volt inverter in any car I take over the road. Normally a 450watt one and direct wire that to the battery with a fuse. That way I can have several laptops and other items plugged in to keep the passengers busy and not talking to me while I am driving.

    They are not that expensive starting at around 30 dollars on up. The little 120/140 watt ones is the only ones you can use in cigarette plugs as that is 15 amps or there about.
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    After reading this thread, I see many opinions. But does anyone have any ACTUAL experience using one of these things? It seems like a lot of guesswork going on here.
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    I have ACTUAL experience using these, every day. If you have any specific questions about them, feel free to PM me.
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    How about we just share the info out here in the forums. That way everybody can see. Seriously. There are a ton of questions and theories posted here. Maybe you can answer some of those that have already been posted?

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