Stihl Commercial products overkill for homeowner?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ensign, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. WH401

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    That right there, to me at least, is the biggest reason to passover the 110 and go with the 130.
  2. Wizz

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    I feel that for almost 3 acres commercial equipment is the better way to go in my humble 'opinion''ll pay off for itself if you're servicing it yourself, especially if you've had problems with current/past equipment. I have the 110 and it has good power and is very responsive considering the carb adjustments are fine tuned for weather-temp changes. In the heavier stuff near the banks of the creek I use ~3/4 throttle...~50% throttle for the avg stuff. If the price diff is small then why not go for the 130 in case you need to get into some rougher stuff. Just find a dealer you like that has what you need and he'll take care of you. My wife and I really like the dealer we bought our mower from, the owner and employees were a pleasure to deal with. Good luck :drinkup:
  3. Triplex

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    $300 for a commercial-grade trimmer that'll probably last 20 years in a homeowner's hands is cheaper than buying a new Ryobi or Craftsman trimmer every couple of years.
  4. fordmstng66

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    I have a little over an acre of land, and as my homeowner equipment dies, i am replacing with all commercial grade. I am tired of repairing everything. Buy the commercial now, don't waste your time with the homeowner stuff.
  5. toromowers26

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    Get a km 90 edges easily with a straight shaft and trims excellent If you do anything like pole pruning get a 130
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  6. mictrik

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    Last year I owned nothing not even a lawn mower as I was paying to have my lawn cut. I bought an Echo PB-413H BP blower from Home Depot last October to help with leaves and to keep my driveway clean during the off season. I then decided I would take over my lawn since I have enough free time and like tinkering with mechanical gear; I only have half an acre but it is hilly. I found a landscaper on craigslist who was selling his small equipment, some of it rather new. I checked it all out and bought everything for $500.00. I was adamant not to buy unreliable equipment. I wanted power, reliability and easy serviceability since i service everything myself. As a kid i used to do a few lawns in my neighborhood for summer money and remembered that commercial equipment is actually easier to service and fix. I would only buy commercial quality, think about what you need don't purchase machines you will be unlikely to use. I have altered my yard so that i can quickly mow it in 15 - 20 minutes with a reel mower another 10 minutes with the trimmer and 5-8 minutes front and back with the blower. The yard looks much better now than when i paid to have it done. Well thought out shrub beds can not only make your house more attractive it can also reduce your maintenance time. Recently I sold the PB-413H and bought the more powerful Shindaiwa EB-802RT blower, the greater power of this blower has allowed me to finish much faster and cleanup other yard tasks with ease. So once again get quality commercial gear, I would rather have second hand commercial equipment than new consumer gear in most cases.
  7. cej93

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    Overkill is just right :usflag:
  8. Stillwater

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    I have 9 fs110 trimmers they are used all day almost every day, I never a had a problem. For home use it will probably be the last one you will ever buy.
  9. heybruck34

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    My father still uses the Echo trimmer he bought in 1983 in Florida. The landscaper next door told him to buy it, Mom almost choked on the price but I used it to trim their lawn yesterday. Several air filters, plugs, starter ropes, springs, and throttle cable assemblies, but the thing still runs great.

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    commercial products are great and will hold up for years. either one of those models would be fine so it comes down to what you want to spend and how much power you need

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