Stihl Dealers vs. Ace Hardware?

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by ilike2mow, Jul 25, 2014.

  1. Willriner

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    I have bought all of my stihl handhelds from Ace hardware, but im lucky enough to have the same guys in the showroom every day i have come in. They also run a full mower service shop out of the back so that may help. If it was a new Trimmer right off the wall, i wouldn't have bought it without having them fuel it up and run it. There is always some assembly required when they receive a shipment but nothing to do with the motor. if it wouldn't start most of the time they wouldn't know because they don't fuel and run it just to let it hang on the wall.
  2. ducnut

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    The name on the building has nothing to do with quality of service or the ability to service products they sell.

    And, nobody's product are what they used to be. With companies merging and new EPA regulations, things will never be as they were. As for me, I'm done with most of Stihl's products.
  3. ilike2mow

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    When I was first thinking about getting a stihl if they offered to demonstrate it i took it because I was reluctant to going to a different brand.
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  4. Utah Lawn Care

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    My Stihl dealer has 6 weeks of work backed up for his mechanics to take care of. When I walk in he will do everything he can under the sun to get me back up and going that same day. He treats his full time lawn care guys like they matter. When you find a dealer like that, you need to get in good with them and build a good relationship.
  5. ducnut

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    Take 'em pizza or donuts, once in a while. ;)
  6. Bagit

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    Recently I had the original primer bulb assembly bite the dust on a BR600. Ace had the part, the dealer I had bought it from years ago would've had to order it. I don't know about other peoples equipment, but the primer bulbs are one of my most replaced parts. Why the dealer didn't stock it is mind boggling.
  7. Ditta&Sons

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    HD has a credit card, that is a big reason you see a lot of people buying echo at HD. or Toro, or any other homeowner branded equipment. its easy to buy
  8. rlitman

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    That is mind boggling. I've got 8 or so. A ten pack on eBay cost me around the price of two at the dealer.

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