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Stihl engine problem

Mike L.

LawnSite Member
oak ridge MO
I am new to the board and I need some help. I borrowed my father's new fs85 brushcutter and locked up the engine. I thought that I had oil and gas mixed since I use it in my weedeater, but apparently it had no oil in it this time:eek: :eek: . I can't find anyone in the area where I live to work on it or even help me find parts that don't cost more than a new cutter. I am open for all suggestions. Thanks.

Mikes Machines

LawnSite Member
Medina, Ohio
I dont want to sound negative but if your time is worth anything to you go buy a new trimmer. The cost of parts is close to the price of a new one. If it locked up it probably needs more than a piston and cylinder, the crank may be damaged also.

Master of the Lawn

You might want to look into getting a short block for this weedeater. I would only do it if its a newer model. Its easy to replace if you have some mechanicle knowledge.

Let it Grow

LawnSite Senior Member
Walla Walla, WA
Unless you can fix this yourself, the cost to have someone else do it will probably not be worth it. Find a couple mower shops and ask them how much it would cost to fix. If it's pretty expensive, then just go buy a new one.

General Grounds

LawnSite Senior Member
:blob3: if your sure that you had oil in your mix you may want to pull out the spark plug and the muffler and blow some compressed air sometimes a piece of carbon may free up and wedge itself between piston and head causing this problem. tony