stihl extended hedge trimmers Augusta ga

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by HPI_Savage25, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. HPI_Savage25

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    I am posting this for a buddy of mine. He had a pair of stihl extended hedge trimmers stolen off of his trailer while at a gas station today.

    Story goes he was at the pump and a guy pulled up to the pump in front of him. Guy got out and popped the truck then started pacing and then walked behind the building. My buddy went inside to pay for gas and while he was he looked over and the guy had his hedge trimmers, tossed them I the truck and sped off.

    I have access to serial numbers if needed. Ill get the model number in the morning.

  2. weesa20

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    ball z move right there...wonder if the gas station had any cameras that he could access to get a plate or description of the truck/criminal
  3. HPI_Savage25

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    From what I heard the station had to call a manager in to give access to the film. Ill call the guy tomorrow and see what the new info is

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