Stihl FC 95 4 Mix Edger Review

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Richard Martin, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. rbljack

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    Nope, not a homeowner. I have been using that FC75 and running it HARD (for a solo op anyways) since I got it. I bought it used, so I have NO idea how many hours total that thing has on it, but it screams, and creates a good edge. Agreed, it doesn't have as much power to create a new edge on overgrown stuff, but its great to maintain an edge.
  2. LifeBack Lawns

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    Thank you sir. Didn't mean to offend you if so. It was just an application factor I was looking at. I actually got tired of overgrown stuff not looking to well and bought the fc 90. I'm sure I will like it. I better because I am stuck with it now.
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  3. LifeBack Lawns

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    Now take it easy one me. I just got the edger and is my very first one at that. I only have 2 days of use alternating in and out with an employee, so I don't exactly know how to use it though it is pretty straight forward. I may just need some practice. Do you guys always use the edger on sidewalks etc. or do you one time and usually use the trimmer after that? I get hit less edging with it that is for sure. Also, how long is the standard life of a blade and how do you know when to change them? The pic with the bermuda and stone house only wanted the basics (notice the hedges/shrubs need trimming), so it doesn't look as good. Plus they had a bag or and tarp on the driveway (black object). Both stone house pics are after only because the before cannot really tell it is creeping over.




  4. Ridin' Green

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    Looks good bro. I like to use the stick edger more than the trimmer, especially on cement edges. The trimmer is better along pavement edges which are generally not very uniform and/or straight.
  5. Richard Martin

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    I use my edger every week. Bermuda and Centipede grow sideways more than they grow up.
  6. rbljack

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    Agreed, it looks good. I also agree with the statement on pavement edges. Use the edger whenever possible. I believe they give better (and straighter edges) that look more finished. I can usually tell when the blade needs to be be changed on my FC75 because the RPMs are higher on the engine. You can also tell because you aren't digging in as deep, and doesn't make as clean of an edge.

    How long they last depends on a lot of factors, so its hard to answer that one. I have changed mine about once every three weeks, to a month this year.

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