Stihl FC95 Edger


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I must be losing my mind. My edger works perfectly but when I changed my blade last year I broke the bolt before I ever got the blade tight. I thought I had the lock washer and flat washer backwards. I got a new bolt and switched the washers order and got the blade tight.
I did the same thing this year, but I just wanted to tighten the bolt because the blade came loose. I never took anything apart. So is my dealer giving me a bolt that is too long or am I just crazy?!
Strange that it held for a while and then came loose, only to break when I put a wrench to it. Thanks for any suggestions!!


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I think the bolt is a left-handed thread.

How do you "break a bolt?" I have this edger, and can't imagine being able to break the bolt. I use the wrench that came with the unit. If I remember correctly, the washer is splined. I recall the bolt being about 1/2" long, maybe 5/8". The lock washer should always be against the head of the bolt, washer bearing on the blade.



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I know the thread is left handed and all. Basically when I tighten it, the bolt gets snug but the blade still turns easily like there is no pressure on it @ all. I keep tightening and pop. The head of the bolt snaps off. I measured the bolt after the break. It appears to be 1 1/8" in length. It just seems to me the bolt is too long. If I can turn the bolt til the head shears off, the blade should be tight as a tick! Just curious as to what others may have experienced. I really appreciate everyone's input. I will probably try a shorter bolt and if that doesn't work, I'll pursue the dealer and see if they can get it tight! Thanks again!