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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Turf Dancer, May 17, 2003.

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    As some of you know I was a die hard Honda 4 stroke trimmer fan , uintil today when they both bit the dust and now I can't get any dealers within 75 miles to fix them ! So now I am stuck using my FS 85 until I get something new or get them fixed. I am to the point where 2 stroke exhaust makes me sick after a while so I am thinking another 4 stroke ! I understand that Red Max makes one but closest dealer is 65 miles from me! I know that Shindaiwa makes a 4stroke mix version, again no dealers close. I happen to have the greatest Stihl dealer possible, they are three miles from the house. They have had an FS 110 in stock for 2 months and I am thinking about it ! Has anyone had any expierience with these yet ? If you have or know much about them please let me know ! Would I be smarter to go out of town and get a Shindaiwa or Red Max ? The Stihl would be great bacause it uses the same attachments as the FS 85 according to Stihl ! I emailed them and they said that yes all the same attachments as the FS 85 can be used on the FS 110 ! What to do ?
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    How did they bite the dust, and why wont the dealers fix them?
  3. I was wondering if the FS 85's attachments would fit the FS 110.
    I have a hedge trimmer attachment and a chainsaw head for the FS 85.

    I was considering getting a new FS 110 Friday because I'd left my Stihl FS 80 at a customer's property. We didn't miss it until the next day. I thought it would be gone for sure. But what do you know! Got a call from their security dept. They said they had it in the security office and I can pick it up any time!

    But I'm still interested in the FS 110. I hope you get some good replies on this thread.

    I have a question for you. Are you using 100/1 oil in that Stihl? Amsoil or Optimoil? It really helps with the fuming exhaust on a Stihl. Might give you a chance to catch your breath until you figure out what you need.

  4. Turf Dancer

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    The 422 had the main seal blow out for the second time and the 431 just wouldn't stay running and after the third lawn today it won't start at all ! I did everything I could think of ! Checked the Air filter, oil, fuel tank, It primes and appears to be holding the prime! The oil smells like it has fuel in it so who knows ? The air filter also has alot of oil in it ! AS for why they won't fix them ? One dealer says he is backed up at least 2 weeks, another said take them to the dealer you bought them from! and the third doesn't have any desire to fix them, he is 99% a motorcycle and jet ski shop! He only likes to sell stuff, their small engine service sucks! The dealer I bought them from is in Portland , 210 miles away! The only reason I had to go there to get them was because none of the dealers anywhere close to here wanted to sell them then !
  5. Turf Dancer

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    I emailed Stihl and they said that all attachments that fit the FS85 will fit the FS110 ! As for the oil deal. I still use the Stihl oil 50:1 mix, I have tried to find teh low smoke oil that Stihl makes but no dealers have it around here !
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    I contacted Stihl as well because I need more torque for edging. The KM110R will be the ticket as soon as my dealer gets one in. My elderly residentials will aslo appreciate the low noise level it produces. I have not used one yet myself, but Im sure it is classic Stihl quality.

    There is more than one 110 version. I got the designation KM110R directly from Stihl so use it if your asking your dealer for one. The KM110R is supposed to have the Multi-cut attacments that fit the FS85RT. Stihl also refers to this as the Kombi-system (Means combination system) in German.

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    If you buy the Stihl 4-mix...get ready for a lot of maintenance!!

    The valves on the 4-mix have to be adjusted every 100 hours (Stihl tech will confirm this) and the adjustment is not covered under warranty!! My crews use their trimmers so much that I would need valve adjustments every 2 weeks!!

    Give me a good quality 2 stroke any day!!!! (Echo, Redmax)
    Very little smoke exhaust in today's world if you use the right oil and mix!!
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    I already own two models of Stihl trimmers and various other Sthil products. I just purchased the KM 85R trimmer along with the HT pole pruner attachment two weeks ago. I love it, powerful, easy to change attachments. I used the pole pruner attachment today on a brush cutting job, it did well.

    I wasn't sure about the 4-mix on the KM 110R, also heard mixed reviews.

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