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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ridetoslide, May 30, 2010.

  1. ridetoslide

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    Hey fellas, I have a question about the Stihl FS90 trimmer. I'm looking to buy one and went and looked at them at 2 different dealers. I was under the assumption that the FS90 had a interchangeable gear box and accessories could be used with it, like cultivator, broom, etc. BUT, both dealers said, oh no, you need the "Kombi" unit for the interchangeable add on implements. The "Kombi" FS90 is $299 but I would have to buy the string trimmer head unit for another $89. The regular FS90 is $299 but is ready to trim. The Stihl brochure book from one of the dealers clearly shows attachments for the regular FS90 model and also for the "Kombi". Am I missing something or did Stihl change things? I'm confused. I'd like to but the regular FS90 and IF I need attachments I can. But If I can't ever add them, then maybe it's the Kombi unit. And help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. 06LTNox

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    You can, but its not a quick change like on the Kombis. Depends on how often you plan on changing the attachments.
  3. rreyn1812

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    If the dealer said that, then he either lied or just doesn't know his equipment. I have a FS90 and you can use attachments (gearbox change--see Stihl web site I have the chain saw attachment and also the edge trimmer attachement and the changeout takes just a minute or two. Loosen two torx screws, slip one off, slip other on, tighten screws. No problema! :):):):)
  4. B Gillespie

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    Exactly. I often switch between the edger and tiller on my FC95, and it takes less than one minute. Both attachments also work on my FS250R.
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  5. dougdm

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    I have the 135 degree hedge trimmer on one of my fs55 and flip it back and forth to the mini chain saw. They both work very well. The only thing is that you have to make sure your gear box on the implement itself stays greased. My hedge trimmer gets really hot, constantly adding grease.

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  6. wimpy

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    FS55 isn't supposed to take those attachments. It's a flex cable, no wonder it's getting hot.
  7. mbrew

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    I talked to a Stihl rep about that trimmer on Friday, and he was using the ability to change the attachments at the end as a selling point.
  8. Lbilawncare

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    As long as it has a solid shaft you can change out the attachments.
  9. Merkava_4

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    Datz right.
  10. ktoom

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    We just bought another FS90 on sat......YESSSSS

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