Stihl FS100RX

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by knox gsl, Mar 4, 2011.

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    Bought one last summer, largely due to the weight difference between the 100 and my Echo 265's. I have a property that, if I do all of it, requires about 2 hours of trimming, and, well, I'm getting a little older. :) It did feel awkward the first few times I used it, but like anything, you get used to the balance eventually. I really notice it most when carrying the unit, because with the Echo, the trimmer stays horizontal holding it by the grip, with the Stihl, the engine end is heavier.

    I like the Echo heads better when filling with line, they are faster, for me, to spool, but the Stihl autocut uses a lot less line. I have a tendency to tap for new line more often than I really need to, and the Echo releases a couple of inches at a time, while the Stihl only releases maybe an inch at the most. I find myself filling the spools a lot less often.

    The only real issue I've had is my last mow of the season last fall. The temperature was in the low 30's, and I absolutely could not get the Stihl to start. Tried the normal, recommended starting procedure. Choke off in case it was flooded, etc. Just would not fire up. Grabbed the Echo off the trailer, and it took off on about the 4th pull. I never tried the Stihl again in the cold, so am not sure if it would always be an issue or not. Of course, I don't normally do much work in 30 degree temps anyway, so it usually wouldn't be an issue.
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    Well its got a few more hours on it now and I'm warming up to it. The balance issue isn't a problem at all once I got used to it. it starts easy and my wife now goes for it over the FS130. I would say at this point it has about 8 hours of run time on it and I've put about 2 of them on it. One thing I do like about it is that it is easy to use reaching one handed down a hillside. More to come as I get more time to play with my new toy.
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    I keep five auto cut spools ready to go. So every once in a while I reload them all and if I run out in the field, and its 90+ degrees out, its plug and play and done.
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    I bought two last year. My son and grandson said the 265's were better. If you picked up both and run them side beside you would probably buy the 265. The balance is even and they have no vibration. But if like me and my son and grandson you run them for 2-5 hours straight and run them hard. You end up using the 100RX and the 265 just sets on the trailer. I would buy the 100RX over any I have run right now.

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