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stihl fs52

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jsmith6752, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. jsmith6752

    jsmith6752 LawnSite Member
    from Pa
    Messages: 24

    Has any one ever converted one of these to a straight shaft. it's a pretty good unit but a pain to find a good head. The head at the dealer was as big as the engine. Any thoughts? thanks
  2. jsmith6752

    jsmith6752 LawnSite Member
    from Pa
    Messages: 24

    smaller head
  3. Tofutti

    Tofutti LawnSite Member
    Messages: 100

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but I was just googling FS52's and found this. I was trying to do this exact thing just tonight. I went out to a tool shed at my buddy's house today and pulled out some old trimmers that I had tossed in there years ago. Found an old FS52 and another old FS44. I pulled these machines out of a scrap metal box at least ten years ago when I was working at the local transfer station. I always planned to fiddle around with them, but never got to it. Until today.
    My plan was to see if the FS52 even ran, (I've never even pulled it over) and if it did, I was gonna put the engine on the 44's shaft (looks to be the same size) and have a nice, lightweight, not so ancient-looking straight shaft machine.
    Got the 52 started, but can't seem to make the needle valves happy enough to run well enough to use.
    There goes my plan.
    Just for kicks, threw some fuel in the 44, primed, choked, started after 3rd pull......
    Won't stall and runs great.
    I guess I'll just add this retro machine to the fleet and see what happens this week.

    Anyway, back to the thread. If you've got one that runs, just try to find another old straight shaft from the same era. They look like the shafts are close enough to swap out. Scour the dump in your area. You never know what you'll find..
  4. jsmith6752

    jsmith6752 LawnSite Member
    from Pa
    Messages: 24

    thanks for info. I still have the old girl. I have not used it in some time. I do need to find a new head or straight shaft.

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