Stihl Fs76 Trimmer And Fouled Plug

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Brownbear, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. Brownbear

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    Hello All,

    Glad I found this fourm. My ten year old Stihl trimmer's plug is fouled with fuel and, of course, won't start. I've taken the plug out several times, cleaned it, pulled the start cord a few times, but it won't start. Each time I pull the plug it's soaked with fuel.

    I decided to consult the manual and start from what's called the Standard Setting. I've seated the H & L screws and backed them out one full turn, but this didn't solve the problem. I did notice that with the plug out and pulling on the starter cord, fuel will spit out through the plug hole. Is this excessive?

    Is it possible I blew a ring? I did notice excessive exhaust smoke just before I had the starting problem. What do you think the repair cost will be for this? I'm a pretty good mechanic with my cars but I've never torn into a small two-stroke motor. Is this an easy repair if it's a ring? My concern with this German product would be buying any specialized tools. Any advice will be much appreciated.

  2. Guthrie&Co

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    check gas mix ratio
  3. joe stihl

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    Your carb is overflowing. The needle is stuck open or being held open by the diaphram. Either put a new carb on or rebuild yours. Rebuild kit is probably 10-15 dollars. First take the carb apart and see how clean it is.
  4. Brownbear

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    Thanks, Joe Stihl! Yes, now that you say that, I'll bet the needle is stuck open. Makes sense to me. I'll pull the carb and check it out. My gas/oil ratio is fine. I'll let you know if that's the problem. Jack :waving:

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