Stihl FS80 Replacement Carb


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I inherited an early to mid-2000’s Stihl FS80 that started and would run at full throttle for about 5-10 seconds, then die. It has a Zama C1Q-S41 carb on it, which I cleaned and put a GND-28 diaphragm and gasket kit in. No joy. I’d like to buy a replacement carb, and there are LOTS of carbs listed as FS80 replacements on Amazon and E-bay, but the -S41 model is never mentioned. (The -S41 has the low speed adjustment screw only.) Has anyone successfully bought a replacement from EBay or Amazon that didn’t require more modifications than it was worth? Will any carb shown as working on an FS80 be OK? Stihl sure seems to have used a lot of different carbs on this model over the years.


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chesapeake, va
If ya google that part number, a couple implement/farm equip. dealers show it at under 40 bucks. Oem Stihl.
I've bought Stihl parts from a couple different midwest farm/ implement dealers before. No problems.