stihl fs85t - changeable shaft


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morristown, nj
Hello,<p>Just got a new stihl fs85t with the interchangeable shaft system. So far, love it. Don't notice any differences in sturdiness with the changeable shaft system, plenty of power still, and well balanced. Only takes about 10 secs to take the shaft off and put another back on.<p>Also ordered the stick edger attachment, but stihl has not gotten it to the supplier yet. Am anxious to see how it will work and how well the changeable shaft system will hold up. For around 400, got the trimmer head, stick edger, and head unit. Think it is going to work out great.<p>steveair<br>


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I have a Stihl FS85. I have never used the trimmer head that it came with(I use Shindaiwa's). I put a power scythe attatchment on it for clearing weeds and stickers. It works quite well except it feels heavy after about 30 minutes. I just started to use the shoulder strap. My dealer owed me some money so the FS85 cost me $10, but the power scythe attatchment cost $199.

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