Stihl FS90 needs Short Block

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by MisterBreeze, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. GlynnC

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    I agree with true 4 strokes and carbon issues--they use straight gas, but the 4 mix is a hybrid--it has just as much oil in it's mix as a 2-stroke, and therefore has the potential for carbon build up in the exhaust. Again, I have very little experience with these so I'm just asking and trying to understand.

    And as for fully adjustable carbs, just bought a new Husqvarna 223L trimmer and a new Echo PE266 extended hedge trimmer. They both have fully adjustable carbs--low, high, and idle.
  2. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    They are not truly fully adjustable they let you adjust to a point Like old models you really could crank them up
    My brother has a new 223L and He ask if I could crank it and you cant they are restricted to where it only lets you turn them very little He traded it back in for bigger one. The 223L was a turd in tall grass
  3. WayneJessie

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    I became a 4-Mess hater by owning one. I traded my old Stihl 2-stroke in on one and it stank from day one. My local dealer is a full line Sthl, RedMax, Shindy, dealer and has been for many years. Since the advent of the 4-Mess he says he'll sell 10 2 strokes to one 4-Mess. He's not a Stihl hater but tries to steer people away from them that run commercially.
  4. GlynnC

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    I can adj the high speed to the rich point so that it starts bogging down from being too rich, and down so that it starts slowing down--why would you ever want to adj beyond those 2 points. I've adjusted many carbs since this is what I do part time for several commercial guys, and IMO, that's all the adj that is needed.

    I run my line at standard length, without a guard, but shaft is marked for cutoff length, trim on a weekly basis, and love the Husky 223L--this is my second to own. This trimmer has all the power I need. Everybody to their own opinion, but I'd rather tote this lite trimmer around all day, and leave my heavy one on the trailer for the very rare time that it's needed. Agreed, I would rather have a 3xx series Husqvarna, but at just over $200, I couldn't justify the extra cost.

    I maintain a fleet of Shin 270's for a guy, he thinks they are the only trimmer to have. They are great trimmers, but heavy. He's less than half my age--again everybody to their own opinion. By the way--those 270's
    do not have adjustable carbs.

    Sorry to get off topic for the thread!
  5. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    I use to raise the RPM on the older 2 stokes to get more hp out them

    I use run Husq 332 models bush cutter $400 trimmer from 97-08 and I trimmed with them Yes they cost more but I got more production out them and that out weighs the cost.
    Sure its heavy but I never notice it much. Im a tall guy and I walk faster then most((( time is money)) in my book.
    I don't like to wait on a trimmer to trim.
    4 years a go I bought 3- FS110
    This year bought 2- FS130 bike handles is all I ever ran since 1981.
    I run 2- 110 and 2-130 5days a week
    My work load on trim work, a little trimmer would not handle it.

    Like some people I seen would take a push mower to trim with then take trimmer to finish rest. My self I use a big trimmer that will cut a path up to 18'' wide. The Husq 332 would cut up to 24'' in one pass it was a bad a$$ trimmer I would still be running them but no dealer even close to me.

    Age of a person has nothing do with a good trimmer. My Aunt Died of 72 last month ,work for me from 2000 to 2012 I bought her a light trimmer after first year she wanted to use a 332 Husq She did then used a FS110. She would out work most men. She ran my small lawn crew. Her title was Flower Child I sure do miss her.
    Yes everybody has there opinions that is why its a free world:cool2::cool2:

    Sorry to the OP for getting off track
  6. Tennesseepowerstroke

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    Everyone has their preference but I would stay away from Stihl and Echo. My Shindaiwa products, made before Echo bought them out, have never faltered. I would look at Red Max it they failed. It might just be my luck, but I have always had problems with Stihl and Echo products. It is usually the carbs but also other things.
  7. herler

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    Here's the problem...

    As is usually the case, we still don't know, and possibly never will...
    The reason why this FS90 supposedly needed to be shortblocked.

    And the thing is if you run up there to ask now, they'll as likely give you some plausible reason.

    That kind of question, I think you really need to ask it right then and there.
  8. Jeff in AL

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    I couldn't agree more!

    Perhaps it is just me, but if someone told me I needed a shortblock, the first question would be WHY? I would also assume he was given a copy of the service order which should state the reason?

    I'm not going to get into a debate on which trimmer brand is better or why... Nor am I going to get into the fact that A LOT (not all) of problems with ANY equipment could have been prevented to begin with! Now with that said, sure ALL manufacturers have seen their share of problems through the years.

    Honestly, I don't care who runs what equipment brand or why they do it. The bottom line is that YOU are happy with what you have!

    I find it funny though that the longer a thread goes on and the more people respond to it, one can obviously see the brand bashing of ALL the brands mentioned within... So who is right?

    Just my opinion...
  9. austins35

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    it's a Ford_Chevy debate

    too many outside things come into play

    operator error

    many people buy a smaller machine hoping it will handle jobs it's simply not designed to handle i.e.; an FS 90 is cheaper then a FS130- or a FS250 different animals for different jobs

    mechanical abilities of owner an operator

    etc etc etc the list goes on

    most of the machines list in this thread are good machines
  10. WayneJessie

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    My older Stihl chainsaws have been bulletproof; so good in fact that I know nothing of their newer saws because mine just keep cutting. Not a Stihl hater when it comes to saws. I have one Shindy trimmer that's a post-Echo merger unit and it's been great so far. Echo just happens to be the parent company but Shindy is still building a good product.
    I can't wait for the FS 94 to hit dealers. I'd like to look at one. I think it will bring many Stihl commercial customers back that jumped ship over the 4-Mess engine. I traded my 4-Mess in on a RedMax and it's been a beast too. Not one issue in over five years. Granted, my trimmers are not run every day. Usually three days a week by me at most.

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