Stihl FS90R carb repair - replace gasket/diaphragms (pictorial)

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Roger, Sep 26, 2010.

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    Due to all the EPA BS fuel tank vents on your handheld equipment only vent in not out. You may have a piece of dirt in the needle valve causing it to flood your carb and soak your air filter.
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    Prolly right. I tell my customers to leave the caps cracked a bit when stored in the sun or a trailer, if possible.
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    Time for a little fact check here...

    Typical carburetor (after supersedes) for a FS130 is 4180 120 0610 and has a retail price of $41.50!

    Typical carburetor (after supersedes) for a FS90 is 4180 120 0611 and has a retail price of $41.50!

    Typical carburetor (after supersedes) for a BR550 is 4282 120 0608 and has a retail price of $48.15!

    Typical carburetor (after supersedes) for a BR600 is 4282 120 0607 and has a retail price os $48.15!
    *Retail prices vary by distributor slightly, so I have been told.

    Unless it can be proven that the problem IS caused by the customer, it will be warranty!

    Furthermore, if a "dealer" cannot diagnose a carburetor issue AND replace it in 30 minutes or less on the above mentioned units, then they should get rid of that tech! So what is their labor rate?

    IMO, I would have replaced (if brought into me) OR advised the OP to replace the carburetor! In the pictures it is plain as day that the sealant has peeled off the welch plug, which by the way is typical to see today which is mostly due to the ethanol in the fuel! The new replacement carburetors use a red epoxy and is NOT affected by ethanol at all! To me, I am doing a dis-service to a customer by trying to reseal these carburetors today (as I have done in the past before ethanol), only to know that they WILL be back with further carburetor issues due to the reseal failing... So, I will replace the carburetor and be done with it the first time! As a side note, on Walbro carburetors, most of the time these carburetors are rebuildable, but the Zama carburetors with the "clear" sealant are usually not worth the time or money to rebuild.

    If you have a problem with your Dealer or feel they are being unfair to you in one way or another, then it is up to you to do something about it! NOT all Dealers are the same, period!

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