Stihl Hedge Trimmer Won't Wind Up

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by fishmon, Aug 8, 2009.

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    Hello all. Got some invaluable help awhile back here with resurrecting a chain saw. Thought I'd give this a shot. Don't have the model handy but it's a fairly entry level 2-stroke hedger maybe 5 or so years old. It will start and run roughly. Throwing the gas to it the thing just stumbles and will barely reciprocate the blades. Choking somewhat seems to make it appear to want to wind up but still won't take off. I've eliminated the most basic stuff but to no avail. It had a fairly nasty bend in one of the the blade teeth making me think it's been subjected to a mean hit. I've heard stihl has used a non-replaceable shear pin that if injured requires the flywheel to be replaced. Any truth to that or what else can I look for? I hate to throw stuff away without knowing whether the problem is major or minor. The bent blades did get replaced. I can get more specific info about it just don't have it at the house at present. Any help appreciated.

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  2. Tharrell

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    Could be wore out ie:compression, could be a bad diaphram in the carb, could be ethanol laced fuel. I had similar symptoms in my Stihl equipment and traced it back to ethanol in the fuel. Tony
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    May be a clogged spark arrestor exhaust screen. One screw and it pulls out for cleaning or throwing it away. Unless you are clearing brush out in the back forty you won't need the spark arrestor screen.

    Make sure you have fresh fuel/oil mix in the tank too.

    Or a gummed up carb.

    Or a clogged vent hole in your fuel cap.

    Remember, two-stroke engines like to be maxed out with the revs. They run better when you beat on them.
  4. fishmon

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    It was the arrestor screen. I had previously attempted to make sure it wasn't clogged by flushing with carb cleaner and blasting it with air but never actually pulled the screen. It seemed to have good air flow through the muffler so figured it must be some other issue. Thanks to the advise here I pulled the screen out and it was stopped up bad. The trimmer ran like a scalded ape. Was actually able to clean the screen and re-install it. Thanks for the help.


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