stihl ignition coil warrenty

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by BZB_Helpers, Jun 12, 2007.

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    Ive read here that either certain or all of stihls ignition coils are under lifetime warrenty. Is that true, cause i just had the coil in my trimmer replaced and they charged me $50 or so. here are the numbers on the old coil:
    4180 1301 A
    MC 4180
  2. Restrorob

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    I just read from another site a Stihl dealer posted in that if the Stihl product is still in the original owner's hands and the warranty registration was entered in Stihl's system the ignition coil would be covered for 5 yrs.

    The coil and labor are covered for the original warranty time period then coil only no labor up until the 5 yr mark. Didn't mention any difference between models.
  3. JHugh

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    I assume the coil was for the FS 110RX you have listed? They should have warrantied the coil. Some dealers are just too lazy to take the time to file a warranty.
  4. BZB_Helpers

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    Thanks, i found and read my warrenty card from dealer A then called dealer B that fixed the trimmer and didnt know about it. I would have took the trimmer to dealer A but there wait time was twice as long(two weeks vs one). So here were the kicker is: the way the trimmer was acting up,wouldnt start till you pulled it for 15mins, gas was coming out the carb, had a spark outside of cylinder. Thought it was the carb flooding the engine so i got as new carb ($60), installed it and it acted the same so i took it to dealer B with the new carb still installed. I told them to give me an estimate and call me, they call me that its done. I pick it up and was told that the carb might need an adjustment. It started OK but not like before, then i had to adjust the carb alot because it didnt have power and slow acceleration. Then to top it off when you turn the trimmer upside down, it stalls. I throw the old carb back on and it starts perfectly, has power, and runs in every direction. So im pissed and here is what the invoice says they did:
    *Disassemble carb and reset metering lever-carb was brand new from stihl
    *Ex valve clearance tight-did both valves before i took it in
    *Test run,sputtering-wow they actually got it to start!
    *Test coil, intermitant spark-plug sparked ok outside of cylinder didnt have enough power to spark under compression
    *Test run-likely test run on the bench cause it was a dog on the jobsite

    So that left a saltly taste in my mouth, and they say i should have brought it back when it didnt run right for them to fix it, but i didnt trust them and never will.
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    If I put myself on their side of the fence, unfortunately I can see why this is so.

    But I find most dealers don't warrant coils until I press the issue, most of them also will not work on a mfg-guaranteed thing if I did not buy it from their store. And when I did buy it there and they do honor it, they drag their feet...

    But what would you do, there's no money in it from their side of things, like a customer who wants you to come back out because you missed a 2 square feet area when cutting the grass... It's like, yeah, ok...

    The other thing is, even if they do honor it they have to service it, so then there's labor...
    Perhaps that's where the $50 came from, because the coil alone is that much, but my dealer's labor runs $60 pmh.

    That's just been my experience, what can you do?
  6. BZB_Helpers

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    on the invoice, right under the coil price, is the list of all the things they said they checked and one hour of labor time.

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