stihl in all john deere stores?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by meets1, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. meets1

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    At the JD dealer yesterday and they asked if I owned any stihl products. Nope! They said they can as deere dealer be a stihl dealer. Stihl said it doesn't matter if there is a dealer next door. They also said they need to buy 25K a year worth of stihl stuff.

    Anyone else heard or know about this?
  2. 1999frontier

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    from NC
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    I saw this in my free TURF magazine I rec'ed last week.
  3. Sammy

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    Heard about it last month.
  4. bohiaa

    bohiaa LawnSite Fanatic
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    new to me I thought anyone could be a dealer as long as the meet there requirements.

    I went to a demo once and they loaned me a line trimmer for a week.

    It worked I went and purchased one the folling week
  5. meets1

    meets1 LawnSite Gold Member
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    what I don't get is dealers are kinda dying out and yet stihl wants to go the DEERE route - I suppose for more exposure and lucritive sales yet leave the die hard 25 yr stihl dealer out there to fend for himself.
  6. P.Services

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    i will continue to buy from my 25yr dealer who is fending for himself. i get GREAT service so i have no reason to change.
  7. mowerbrad

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    I think that stihl got the contract to make Deere's handhelds? If I remember correctly kawi was making them before for Deere.
  8. WH401

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    Down here Stihl's are sold at the John Deere dealer, as well as at the Kubota one.
  9. meets1

    meets1 LawnSite Gold Member
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    really what drives market share?

    I have a kubota dealer here is also bobcat dealer. He can't get any bobcat telehandlers cuz a digger dealer an hour away has that market - now he can order you one and i pay two people there mark up or I drive. Same with the new bobcat tractors. He can't get them due to the same reason.

    Same with kubota. He has tried and was told he can't get any of the new kubota skids. I think they be tough at first but they'll sell - kubota unit has to be pretty good even if it is new out of the gate.

    Same with our new holland dealer. All ag. They have tried a few times for construction. There told know b/c a dealer 45 miles away has construction and ag and to much overlap to sell consctruction equipment.

    I have a jonsreed dealer. He is being called from 1 - 2 hours away cuz jonsreed has dropped a few dealers and now he likes it cuz he is serving and getting parts. But to me with small stuff - matter of time b/f someone else picks jonsreed up.

    I don't get it!
  10. MowerMedic77

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