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Has anyone paid $$$ for the new Stihl KMA135R? I'm currently running 2 of them, along side 2 AP300S, an original AP300, and a small AP100 battery. I average 15 lawns a day, 60/wk. Com+Res. Could not give you run times but will have #'s soon for battery life. End up using almost all batteries each day. Obviously recharge overnight. Running trimmer on setting 1, edger on setting 2. Trimmer gets mostly used since edges are already established, no need to edge with blade.

Been using .105 round Husky Titanium line but am going to downgrade to .080 to increase battery life. Thoughts?

Has anyone switched over to battery powered handheld equipment?


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I've been interested in purchasing the KMA135 but my main concern is how they hold up in the elements. I have and open style trailer so It would have to be in the sun and rain constantly.

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