Stihl Kombi 94R trimmer shaft pulls out when changing attachments...


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Kitchener, ON
Hi folks, I have a Stihl 94r combi engine that is just out of warranty (of course). When I pull an attachment off the last few times the engine shaft comes with it. I am able to get it seated back into the unit and it runs again without a problem - until I change attachments. It looks to have a small plastic washer half an inch thick on the end that pops out and it looks warped/melted. I didn't pull the shaft out all the way so as not to dislodge any components further rendering the unit non operational.

So, if anyone has replaced the shaft, or a component on it so it no longer comes out with the attachment and knows a fix, it would be appreciated! I attached a photo of the shaft showing the plastic piece (clump). Thanks!



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You need the plastic retention bushing that goes in the end of the shaft. It should only be a couple of bucks at your dealer. It's supposed to be greasy, so it doesn't melt like that.