Stihl KombiSystem ... anyone using it?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AltaView, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. AltaView

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    Just wondering if anyone is using the Stihl KombiSysem of equipment. Here is the description from the Stihl website.

    The STIHL KombiSystem is a complete family of multi-task tools comprised of different powerheads and numerous attachments. The split shaft design lets you quickly change attachments.

    STIHL KombiSystem engines must be purchased with a STIHL KombiSystem attachment. All attachments may be purchased separately.

    I know the homeowner line of these interchangeable tools will die real quick but just wanted to see if any of you guys/gals are using the Stihl line for commercial.

    The University of Utah's grounds crews use this with great results.


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  2. Rhett

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    I have the KM85 with trimmer,edger and hedge trimmer. The attachments are pricey but all work fine. The only complaint is the power head. Have had three carbs two modules and a short block change in the last four months. Bought all of the equipment at the beginning of the season. Looking at the Echo to replace it as my mechanic has just become a service center.

    Good Luck

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