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Stihl or Echo multisystem?

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Hi Guys,

I am in need of a multisystem and was wondering what you all recommend?

I have personal experience with the FS110 weed eater but never liked the balance or the throttle control of the machine. I must admit I've had this machine since it first came out.

Did Stihl improve the 4-mix units?

I also looked into echo and absolutely LOVE the 2-strokes from echo. However, a lot of people complained about the weight of the engine.

Between both Stihl and Echo I have always loved Echo's smooth power and robust machines, and Stihl 4-mix for their AMAZING power to weight ratio.

What do you guys suggest? My local dealer sells Stihl, Echo and Shindaiwa.

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Stihl all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I blew up 7 or 8 echo 0 to 90 trimmer heads before i switched to stihl.The new 0 to 130 stihl trimmers are great!!!!!!!!!!!! They have a lot nicer balance and don't strip out like the echo's
Now take your grease screw out,drill a hole,thread them and put a grease nipple in and screw back in.I use the " Red-Tac" synthetic grease.Be careful not to over grease as to much can cause the gear box to heat up to much.It is a lot cheaper than buying the tubes of grease from stihl.
what is the valve setting on the 110-130? I have run them for years and not touched them yet.I always forget to do it,but they run great.but I may not notice as they would go out of whack slowly.I do spray combustion chamber cleaner as well as a little sea foam threw them on a regular basis.Some people hate them but I would have nothing but!!!
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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