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Stihl or Echo multisystem?

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Hi Guys,

I am in need of a multisystem and was wondering what you all recommend?

I have personal experience with the FS110 weed eater but never liked the balance or the throttle control of the machine. I must admit I've had this machine since it first came out.

Did Stihl improve the 4-mix units?

I also looked into echo and absolutely LOVE the 2-strokes from echo. However, a lot of people complained about the weight of the engine.

Between both Stihl and Echo I have always loved Echo's smooth power and robust machines, and Stihl 4-mix for their AMAZING power to weight ratio.

What do you guys suggest? My local dealer sells Stihl, Echo and Shindaiwa.

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I have the KM 90 Stihl with string trimmer and rototiller attachments. I like the tiller, is good for small areas, really digs, can't bog it down. Is awkward to carry off to the side of your body you get a little tired but just take it easy and its nice to use.

String trimmer....unit is heavy. I prefer to use my hdwe store Weed Eater cause it is so much lighter. Power is great, can't tip it on its side and edge though because the string pushes up inside the head and you are forced to stop to dig the string out. Don't like the head on the KM90 (autocut).
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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