Stihl or Echo Trimmer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Pat'sPerfectLawnService, Oct 9, 2009.


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    i have run nothing but Stihl so this is going to be biased towards Stihl but it has never given me trouble and ill be sticking with Stihl
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    I'm not a regular Stihl user but I have used them. The thing I noticed was that the Stihl trimmers seemed to be more torquey at lower rpms than most other brands. Even the lower end models seemed to have enough power to get the job done. Would most of you Stihl users agree with the above?

    I guess the Echos are still developing carb issues after some time. They come from the factory so leaned out and run hotter because of it. Lets give thanks to the EPA. :usflag:

    Use a fuel preservative ALWAYS (like Stabil) to save yourself from a lot of future carb headaches.
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    All their trimmer other than FS80 all 27+cc, even the Home Scaper trimmer is 27.2cc. Of cause they are powerful. Down side none of them are that light. Their weight spec are without head and guard!!!
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    i have an echo right now, and i have a couple of heads and stuff so i could go with echo and have extra stuff. but on he other hand i want to go with stihl because it has more cc's. i still dont know what i want to do
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    mower brad i aint putting you out there but we run husquvarna 223L trimmers they are rated large estates but not professional units due to the type of shaft in them and 323L for bush hogging and they are rated commercial ad its the shafts that is different yet th war. is the same except the shaft is 90 days compaired to a year , coil is 1 year on both in 10 years only one has went down due to a fall off the truck bed while ideling as the guy was spooling line , broke te crank. and cutter choice husquvarnas are the same way ill challange anyone to a 30 second refill from the trailer to the ground, even though they are fast we keep an extra in the truck . i also love how the spool last 2 days between fills also
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    I have used Husqvarna, Echo, and Stihl. Each one have their merits but Stihl with the 4-mix appealed to me for the eco-friendliness it has compared to other brands. I am continually impressed by the Stihl FS-110R's that I purchased. The FS-90R I bought is great as well. Plenty of torque and believe me you can walk almost jog along fence lines or houses with these and they just eat up the grass without hesitation. STIHL FOREVER FOR ME!!!! BTW BR-600 backpack blower is just awesome. I haven't found anything it won't move.
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    Does 4-mix mean it is 4 stroke?
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    It just different from the normal 4 cycle that it does not have separate oil. You use normal mix for 2 cycles in 4Mix.

    Shindaiwa C4 is very very similar.
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    We run both - Echo AND Stihl,...and plenty of them. Both are great machines. For those saying that Echos are junk,...I have to totally disagree. I have Echos there nearly 20 years old and still running strong. One thing about the Echoes, is that they are not nearly as temperamental in starting as the Stihls. They fire right up, and have a short warmup time. they are still running strong after all this time, and are super simple to read and adjust. the Stihls are fine, too. Granted, even when knowing the trick to starting them, they can still be a bit trickier to get started and warmed up. Either way, can't lose.
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    So that would mean i would use the same mix i use for my echo for the stihl?

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