Stihl or Echo Trimmer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Pat'sPerfectLawnService, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Huling

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    I think the extended shaft is 70", but after purchasing the Husky 223L, it is so light I am very happy. Thanks for your comment Alan!
  2. XLS

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    we have looked at the extended shafts and i had a fear of them when a dealer showed me the shafts in them units . he took a long and a standard shaft of the same manufacture apart .and geuss what ..its the same size now i have to assume the shaft is weaker in the long shaft due to the torquebeing aplied to the length and i felt it would be more likely to twist the shaft into if it ever hung up at very high speeds with a blade on the units so we simply stayed away from them .even though at 6'2'' i would like a few more inches myself .....we just pull the handles back closer to the handles on the Husqvarnas.

    you guys running husqvarnas may also check for balance on the front loop handles hv cames witha sticker ...printed on it is a arrow for assembly purposes to indicate where to put the handle ,,,, forget it and hang it on a string and adjust it back and forth untill its balanced with the engine or your trigger arm will be sore from running it all day .
  3. snapper72'

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    Huling, or anyone else using stilh trimmers or edgers, what is it about this brand that is so great or sets them apart? I've always figured it was the service or the availability of parts. I've never run them but it seems like every other outfit around here does and the ones that do love them. They are definitely pushed by the dealers around here(probably the reason). Will be replacing some handhelds soon and probably will go with huskys but just wondering.
  4. Alan0354

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    Every brand has die hard followers. You put a brand name and there will be posts praising it. Also different brands are popular in different area. You ask LCO in my area, it would be all Echo and Shindaiwa. Yes Stihl seem to push very hard here too, they always have full section in the dealer. Does that mean anything?............Marketing. I am not saying they are not as good or better, just people always raving about the one they use. Also there are people complain on every brand also. Go figure.
  5. Huling

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    I bought the Husky after reading several trimmer threads. As I stated, I haven't had it long enough to see how well it holds up, but the head feeds well and it trims as good as my Stilh FS 85. I have to do a lot of fence lines and have a lot of Bahai and it cuts with no problem. In fact, my stihl trimmer head would get the long Bahai steems wrapped around it and the Husky's doesn't seem to have that problem. My stilh always seemd hard to start (maybe just me), especially when hot, and my new Husky (so far) two pulls and away you go. I figure at $250 vs. close to $400 for an FS90, I will be better off over time (if it holds up). The labor charges at my Stilh dealer are very high, so if it last like some of this threads comments, I think it will be a good choice. Again, for me, the biggest point in it's favor is its light weight (I think 9 lbs). Good luck.
  6. snapper72'

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    I agree that most commercial brands are pretty close in quality and a lot of it is folks praising what they just spent a lot on. That is why I have always wondered about Stihl. It just seems to be a lot more commonly seen and I see alot of LCO's and almost all county and city maint. using them around here .
    I also agree with Huling that weight is a big factor, that is why I was strongly considering the Husky trimmers. Just couldn't find any dealers around here. Walked into an Ace Hardware today, in a neighboring town, that I've never been in before. In the back of the store was a full mower shop and they carried most of the big name brands but not Husqvarna. They did have a full line of Shindaiwa and I have been looking for a T222 to check out the weight and feel. My dealer insisted that model was discontinued and I have been unable to find one. There in the corner of the Shindy display I found three of them and they felt nice and light and well balanced. When the kid helping me told me 209.00 I almost bought all three. Got one and ran it around my property today and it's a real tiger for the size. Has some real power and torque. Just checked their website and says it has a steel drive shaft which isn't very common on trimmers in that price range. Light and well balanced. Gonna go back up their and grab another one. Folks working there were great. They will service them if any problems and a lot nicer and friendlier than my normal dealer. So, found my replacement and a new shop if I ever need anything while I am up in that area. But, I am sure that i would have been just as happy with a husky.
  7. chad56

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    For the Echo's you should ALWAYS run at least 89 oct and NGK plugs per Echo's spec they will run bad if you do not do this. I am a Echo dealer and it sounds like yours could use a good carb clean adj. Plus they should be run at full throtle if not they can carb up. Thats how they are meant to be run. Not saying you are not doing this.
  8. snapper72'

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    Since you sell and I imagine service Echo products, what is your opinion of the 225 class edgers? Is that little 21.2 cc motor getting it done in commercial settings? And do the heads and gears hold up?

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