Stihl or Echo?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scag48, Aug 4, 2000.

  1. Scag48

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    Okay, here goes. I'm on a mission to find the most profitable equipment out there. I don't have any way to get as many accounts as you guys have so I figured brush cutting and clearing is a good way to go. I LOVE doin' it and it pays. There's alot of sagebrush around my town and there are s everywhere every year. So I figured brushcutting along with mowing would be profitable. They are one time jobs and if I hit a slump, no big deal. My question is what do you guys prefer equipment wise for heavy duty brush clearing? We're talking sagebrush, small trees and stuff. I'm a Stihl believer and have a Stihl and Echo dealer in town and if the time comes where I have to make a purchase I want to make the best one. I like the Stihl FS 80 but would the FS 85 be better? The 85 has got some different stuff on it so I am confused if that stuff is needed. Also with Echo you can get a brushcutter with a bigger engine than Stihl and have it the same price. Why is that? Are Echo's built cheaper? Remember, this is not your everyday trimming. You guys know me, Mr. Penny-Pincher and I want to make a wise purchase if the time comes. Thanks guys.
  2. LawnMtc

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    I go Stihl all the way. Echo is nice but wont last as long. I have the fs 80 and it will cut anything I have yet to come across.
  3. little green guy

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    yo dude since when do you have all this money to spend on equipment? Your pops won't let you get a backpack blower, he's not gonna let you get one of them, it'll destry you. How about this, 30.00 - a good pair of lopers and a pair of leather gloves. Anyway I use my hedge trimmers and chiansaw for that stuff anyway not brushcutters forget those things.
  4. Scag48

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    LGG-I said I wanted to make the most profitable purchase! I don't really need either...yet. I just got a dethatcher someone gave to me a couple days ago so I figure I can do leaves with that. Or a broom or rake, just more work. I never said I was going to buy a brushcutter, just exploring opportunities to make the most money. If you really want to know I don't think I'll be able to make it just mowing and I bet most of you think the same way. My town is just too small. BUT, land clearing or whatever you want to call it might just work. I don't know about you but I wouldn't want to take on sagebrush with loppers. Kinda stuff. Most of the territory is knapweed and desert weeds. Baren kinda place but the tourists like it. How do you do this kind of work with hedge trimmers?
  5. yardsmith

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    I have used both, & weedeaters & blowers are your front line of attack, being used every day. Save up the extra $$ & get a Stihl; you won't be sorry (you get what you pay for).
  6. Guido

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    SCAG 48

    How the heck do you plan on doing leaves with a dethatcher???? Are you talking about one of those manual lawn sweepers for the back of a homeowner tractor or what?? I hope so, because a dethatcher will not help you do leaf removal!!! Sorry!!

  7. Grasscape Inc

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    Get all REDMAX handheld equipment.
  8. snow

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    Bryan: Don’t criticize him, help him. That’s what this forum is all about. This was about as close to an attack on a person as it gets and it's not allowed here.

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  9. Scag48

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    Snow-You just don't get it do you? Finding new ways to make money is not stupid. Maybe to you it is but not to me. "Lawnsite space", there is unlimited. If you don't like my posts, don't read them. All I wanted was someone's opinion on a specific brand. And for your information I can get a commercial duty trimmer/brushcutter for less than a backpack blower. I don't expect my parents to pay for my equipment. I already have a weedeater and borrowing one wouldn't do any good. I'm trying to "roll with the big dogs" but it just doesn't happen unless I get some more jobs. I don't live in a huge town with limitless amounts of jobs. I live in a tourist town. Stop by sometime and I'll show you what it's like. Speak for yourself about my "welcome". Just because YOU want me gone doesn't mean everyone else does. And if you continue to be a jerk, I might just leave. Guido-I had my terms backwards. It's a sweeper deal so I just pick up the leaves and get rid of them. Sorry for misleading.
  10. Jim Snyder

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    Dear Scag 48 Ignore Snow. I just sent him a nasty gram on his web site. I've been mowing part time with commercial equipment for 9 years now and I still have questions and STILL look for ways to keep things alive, interesting, and I still look for ways to make a new buck. Do not worry. Snow will be gone sooner than you or I because he is rude and inflexible in his approach. The industry will evolve without him and he will soon be out of work.

    Now back to Echo Vs Sthil. You can't co wrong. I have had both but I prefer Echo... don't ask me why.

    Take care and keep thinking... after all every idea that is now great began as an idea in one person's mind. Also everything that was believed to be true at some moment in time has since been proven wrong and replaced with a current idea. (is the earth still flat as was once thought?) How do we know that the ideas we currently live by are true unless we continue to think and plug away at them.

    On the topic of plugging I make additional $ by renting an airator every fall. I put up flyers and the phone rings off the hook for cheap airation and I make a killing!

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