Stihl power head with Ryobi attachment

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by earlybird_66, May 9, 2012.

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    Okay, here it goes. I don’t usually post online… y bother on info highway. However, there were so much uncertainty about mixing attachments with Stihl power heads, I have decided to post something from my experience.

    By all means, I am not a pro or do I use my equipment all the time. I am just a cheap consumer happens to found a good deal on a Stihl HT101 telescoping pole pruner with a HL 135° Hedge Trimmer attachment instead of a HT Pole Pruner. Instead of paying 200.00 for a replacement Stihl pruner I was able to connect a 99.00 Ryobi pruner attachment to my HT101. There was only one issue I notice: when installing the Ryobi pruner (only install the pruner, remove it from the attached Ryobi pole) to the Stihl pole tip, be very careful how much you screw in the lock screw from the Ryobi pruner… it will puncher the Stihl pole.

    BTW, the Ryobi pruner worked like a champ… surprising enough the two made a great combo.

    $220.00 (HT101 with hedge trimmer) + 108.00 (Pruner attachment) = Good deal.

    Good luck with your findings
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    Maybe it fits, but the Stihl pole pruner head is much better.
    The bar is longer, and the oiler actually works.

    Oh, and yes, you found a great deal. You can probably get 1/3 of that money back by selling the HL135.
  3. earlybird_66

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    Thanks for the advice. For the tasks in hand I am happy with the Ryobi head.

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