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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mr.Ziffel, Apr 28, 2001.

  1. Mr.Ziffel

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    Do any of you Stihl powerbroom owners regularly switch the power heads between your string trimming, hedge trimming and/or pole pruner functions? I have a FS85 and accessory heads which change out real easy, but I went into the store to buy the sweeper head and the changeover seemed to be quite difficult.

    It looks like to take it off you first have to reach between the shaft and the sweeper and pull a hairpin and clevis, then slide one side of the sweeper off in order to loosen the bolts which hold it to the shaft. My fingers weren't small enough to reach into the tight space and manipulate all the pins! Maybe I could do it with long needlenose. I also thought I could put a hairpin on the outside of the shaft where they had a large cotter pin and change it that way.

    The guy at the dealer was clueless and I don't want to have to buy another complete machine [I also have a FS200brushcutter they say is too powerful to handle the sweeper] and I don't want a huge hassle each time I need to change the head which is not that often or I would just buy the entire machine. Any suggestions? Thanks, Will M.
  2. Runner

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    You lost me there somewhere, because I was thinking all you had to do is pull the OUTside cotter keys, and slide the drums off to get access to the bolts to take the head off. It's been a while since I put the sweeper on, and I haven't put my stickedger head on yet, because I'm still using the broom occasionally and I haven't got through my initial edges yet.
  3. Mr.Ziffel

    Mr.Ziffel LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yes, at first glance it looks like you need to straighten out the outside cotter pin and pull the sweeper head off. But, if you look at the manual, there is a clevis and hairpin on the inside [closest to the shaft] which the book shows as the way to take the sweeper fins off to gain access to the bolts to take the head off. I don't consider either one of these options to be particularly user friendly or very quick, so my question is, Do you think it would work to just put a hairpin in the outside hole where there is currently a cotter pin? This would make it much faster and easier to change over to trimmer operation and make my much more likely to buy this accessory, but I wouldn't want to do it if it wouldn't hold the plastic fins securely to the shaft.
  4. EarthTech Landscapes

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    Guys do power brooms work well? I have been thinking of buying a couple of these but i have not had any experince with them. What type of applications do you use them for?
  5. Runner

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    I see what you mean on the changing to a hairpin on the outside. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work as long as the hairpin doesn't pivot so it is sticking out. I guess it might even be possible to put the hairpin all the way on, so the loop is in the pin hole. I mean, how many times have we all done this before - changing a hairpin for a cotter.

    Earthtech, Yes, these work VERY well for several things. When I first saw one, I thought it was just a gimmick-like thing, but when I saw how it would move gravel from the plows out of lawn area and ditches, I knew I had to have one. I've even heard that they are the ultimate thing for gathering and picking up things like apples (rotten or not) and just yesterday, I used mine to push pine cones and needles (Spruce type) onto the tarp. MUCH easier than raking.
  6. Mr.Ziffel

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    Thanks for the feedback. I thought that would work, but I just don't understand why they didn't design it for the quick change in the first place. I've got a $20 off coupon for Stihl products and thought I'd use it on this. I've got hundreds and hundreds of feet of gravel drive and I'm really running through the mower blades! Thanks again, Will
  7. yorkpaddy

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    i'm thinking of getting one to clean up gumballs and pine needles. does anyone here have both a tiller and powerbroom from stihl? because the mechanisms seem very similar, i wonder if i could just replace my tines with the broom? Are you sure you can't put that on an fs200, cause i know from my manual i can put my tiller but not my hedge trimmer on a 200. i think the extra power of the 200 would be helpful, especially for a tiller, and chainsaw.

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