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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PTSolutions, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. PTSolutions

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    just saw this on stihls site and was wondering has anyone used this cutting head? ive got the autocut on both our 85 and 110 trimmers, but we have been going through alot of line now in the summer with it being hot, and some places i dont have anything solid to tap against and dont want to burn in the grass when i tap the head down into the yard.
  2. N.TX

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    i always idol down the trimmer bump it then raise it up and rev it.... i have a stihl auto feed head.
  3. jkilov

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    I use a supercut head on my larger trimmer. Nice to have a full auto, I'm sort of spoiled and don't want to go back. The minus is you can only use a specific line on the new non-adjustable's and if you hit something it throws out more line making it even worse.
  4. Yuanding

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    I have been running Supercut for 6 years and they're really good. You can keep on mowing tall grass with your finger on the throttle continuously, with no need to stop to check how much line is still left sticking out as new line spools out automatically when the remaining line gets below about 3 inches. It also saves you from having to knock your trimmer on the ground (Autocut) to spool out new line, which seems a fundamentally undesirable thing to do to your trimmer umpteen times a day. It's a shame that Stihl don't offer the Supercut head as a standard item on their trimmers; buy a new Stihl trimmer over here in the UK and if you want a Supercut head you have to buy it AND the Autocut that comes with the trimmer as standard.
  5. PTSolutions

    PTSolutions LawnSite Silver Member
    from OH
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    what kind of line do you need to use on it? like a specific diameter or what? what do you mean by hitting something, like if the line contacts an object it automatically pulls more out? cause that would really suck as im mowing around objects all the time.
  6. Lazer_Z

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    Pro, In the Sthil master product catalog it states that .095" line is standard on the Super Cut 20-2 and 40-2. On the Auto Cut C 25-2 you have the option of using .105" or .130" line. The regular Auto Cut 25-2 can hold .095" or .105" line.
  7. cleancutslawncare

    cleancutslawncare LawnSite Member
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    I purchased and used the supercut head for the first time today and was quite impressed. I have always used the autocut and I don't think I'll ever go back to them after using the supercut. It was great to just keep on trimming without having to bump out more line. Seems like it is way more productive with a lot less hassle.
  8. MileHigh

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    It's pretty bad when you see a bunch of dead grass spots in the shape of a circle around all the edges of

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