Stihl telescopic pole pruner comes undun!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by captken, May 16, 2013.

  1. captken

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    Sorry for the delay guys, I need to work on this soon to get it put back together. Been too busy working, plus my thumb still has a nasty blood blister, ouch! sorry, I had to back away for a while...maybe tomorrow.
    The extension tube is still intact, except for the bearing in the lower end of the tube.
    The main tube was disassembled.
    I think the problem is the several rivets and how the bearings lock?? onto the rivets.
    When you try and retract the extension tube, about a foot, 12", shaft at the saw end will not retract.
  2. ricky86

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    Put the extension tube in the other end of the main tube. It should slide all the way in. You didn't remove the brg off the extension tube I hope???
    If it slides all the way in. Put the clamp on (with the knob) and tighten the two screws, and put a piece of duct tape over the end. Putting on the saw head makes things to arkward at this point. The extention tude should move freely all the way in.

    Just to make sure, the extension tube was NOT disassembled Correct?
  3. captken

    captken LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Sorry, been busy working and repairing other equipment that I know more about than the pole saw. Have looked at the pdf Breezemister so graciously provided:) , reading Slapper's and ricky86's remarks and think that maybe a part is missing.
    Conflict with one of the rivets and bearing sliding down the tube is not letting the saw head retract all the way. [I think] am sure to find out whats going on when I get into it.

    Having issues with a Lazer, a Hustler z and a Hustler walkbehind which leaves me running 1 Lazer and working late trying to get caught up....between the rain storms and trying to get my mowers running, just hasn't been enough time.

  4. lildevil_66

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    I had to stop at my dealers and get on their MediaCat account to get a breakdown of the tube assembly. I got a hardcopy of it that I may be able to scan and create a .pdf file for you. There are 2 revisions of the telescopic pole but I have both since I didn't know which one I had. Not to bad once you see a diagram of it. Mine is missing a couple parts also but managed to get the drive shaft to stay in place with a part I made at work. It's a shame most mfg's websites have at least have parts list but Stihl is very tight lipped with any "on-line help" what so ever. Dealer network or not...we sometimes can't wait a week or more for a dealer to fix a piece of equipment in the middle of the season when a $.50 part takes it out of commission
  5. ricky86

    ricky86 LawnSite Silver Member
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    There WAS a dealer willing to help.
  6. lildevil_66

    lildevil_66 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 54's a small hardware store and I have known the mechanic there all my life...literally. Having friends in low places sometimes gets the jobs done. I'll see if I can get the pics up soon.
  7. captken

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    Try as I might, with keeping my other equipment running, gave in after a good 3 hours working on it with a printed parts book courtesy of Breezemister,:drinkup: and took it to my dealer at Hernando Equipment.
    Walon the manager has been good to me in the past and asked him what to do. While I really didn't see more than a slight curve, he said the extension tube was bent and he'd try to fix it because those rivets where not lining up right to put it together.
    I quess it was too much for him, maybe a slight bend could be the problem so I ordered a new extension tube with using the old bushings and new springs and let him put it together for me for 90 bucks.
    I like working on my equipment, but when you gotta lot of things going on, it cost less to take it to someone to repair it when my time can be used for more important things.
    Thanks are in order for breezmister, slapper, ricky88 and yes, I field stripped all the way down late afternoon and forgot exactly how it came apart.... learned an expensive lesson!
  8. piston slapper

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    Glad you got it back together...its a 3 lock box...
    I have never seen a schematic....
    The first tube i worked on came to me completely disassembled....i must have found 5 or 6 ways to put it together that didnt work..
    After playing with it on and off for a week..i figgered out what the engineers were trying to accomplish...
    Its a piece of cake.....i hate that silvery grease...
  9. dboyd351

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    Now that sounds like something I'd do.:)

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