Stihl tiller/cultivator


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I bought a BC-35 tiller/cultivator for my stihl FS-85 trimmer yesterday. the first thing i noticed about it was its narrow, only 5-6 inches wide, tines are maybe 12 inches in diameter. I also noticed the stout cast-iron gearbox. Installation was easy, a little jiggling to get the square driveshaft aligned, and it slipped on. Total change time, less than a minute. When i turned on my trimmer, i noticed that the tiller turned very slowly (35:1 gearbox ratio), and the engine revved easily. i tilled in some mulch, it did a great job, i can already smell the decomposition in the soil, and now that bed is light and fluffy. i then made a bed around a tree, it bounced, but thats to be expected with our hard soil. I was eveantually able to dig down 4 inches beneath sod, could dig deeper, but don't feel like it. i pulled beds out from under bushes, and made a new bed around my mailbox. I'm impressed. at first i wondered if my 25 cc engine (its possible to use it with an FS-120 FS-200, 30 and 36 cc engines respectively ) was enough power, it does very well, the revs haven't dropped at all. the soil it tills comes out light and fluffy. I can reach deep into beds because of the design, i don't think i could do that with a mantis. I also can get very close to concrete edges with it. I ordered a hedge-trimmer, that should come in next week.