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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. tacoma200

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    I'll definately be buying a trimmer next Spring. Stihl offers a lot of accessories. Are these practical in real life such as the Adjustable Hedge Trimmer Attachment, Mini-Cultivator Attachment, Edger Attachment etc.

    Do you have to buy particular models to use these on?

    What is the best all around Stihl to put a brush cutter blade on every now and then with out going all the way to a 250?

    We have a Echo dealer in town also, but I have no experience with that brand and the service isn't that great. I have plenty of small trimmers such as a fs 80 but will be looking more in the line of a FS 130 R Trimmer. Maybe even a 250 but that may be overkill.
  2. wahlturfcare

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    my opinion is to stay away from stihl as they will give you lots of problems. i've had a fs 80, 85, 110, and many others, plus saws and they all gave me problems out of the box or quite working a year after(after warranty). if you call stihl direct even the techs dont know anyting about their products.

    i always used my 80 with the brush blade and it worked great for it even in thick weeds and was fairly light weight.

    I not run all echo and shindaiwa products and havent had any problems. plus with echo you get lifetime warranty on electrical parts and a couple years on the shaft, etc..
  3. Two Seasons

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    All of our handhelds are Stihl. 4Mix and 2-stroke using Stihl oil. Zero problems.

    Regarding your question about Stihl Kombi-systems, we bought one. It comes with the pick tines for cultivating---works good but slow. We also bought the PowerSweep rubber paddles for cleanups---good for lawns and snow removal down to pavement (some homeowners don't like melter), but again slow.

    The Stihl Kombi-system is heavier than individual dedicated Stihl tools, so be aware of that.
  4. farmboy1285

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    I have a chain saw head that I run on an old stihl fs 80 and it works just fine saves me time on tree trimming jobs and keeps me off a ladder (most of the time). If you get a trimmer that you plan on using the trimmer for attachments just make sure you get one that has a soid drive shaft because some of the smaller stihl trimmers such as the fs 80 have a cable drive shaft. That cable drive shaft will snap when you use anything other than the grass cutter head. And make sure you get a stihl if you take care of them and use good mix they will last forever.
  5. ThirdDay

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    We had great luck with Stihl products until 4 Mix.....

    Fuel line problems, broken rocker arms, major carbon build up etc......on the the new 4 Mix machines

    We have switched back to all 2 cycle hand held products and are back to no problems at all.
  6. Juan_Deere

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    I've been using the Stihl combi system for about three years now. I use the trimmer, edger, and cultivator attachments and they have all worked very well. The only problems I have had, were the T-bolt and nut finally stripped this year(the hardware that holds the attachments at the adapter) and the spark arrestor finally clogged on me for the first time about a month ago. Aside from that, the power has been great and it starts on the second or third pull every single time.

    I have the FS45 hedge trimmer which has worked well for me, and I also have a Stihl FarmBoss chain saw. I don't really like the chainsaw, because the switch is placed all the way down for choking, then you place it one position up for actual starting, and it is really hard to place it in the one up position. You have to push up on it so hard, the switch pops out of its retainers, so you have to take the back cover off to pop it back into the clips and reset the switch. Also, I followed the instructions for long term storage, and when I went to use it, the cylinder was seized in place. I couldn't pull the string crank at all. I had to spray the cylinder to lubricate it and break it free with the wrench provided, by cranking on the flywheel. It has worked fine after that though.
  7. Juan_Deere

    Juan_Deere LawnSite Senior Member
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    If you only buy the attachments that were designed to be used with your trimmer, you won't have the problem with attachments breaking anything.
  8. topsites

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    You need to make sure it's a SOLID shaft vs. a flex!!!
    It doesn't matter if it's straight or curved, some straight trimmers have a flex shaft, yes even stihl, and you want a solid shaft if you're going to use attachments.

    I know the Fs-85's shaft is solid, can't remember any others but just watch out for that.

    As for the chainsaw, I think something is wrong with that, my little 021 / 210's never act that stupid on the switchy.
    It is a bit of a pita because it wants to pop two settings instead of one, but it's not hard as in stuck...

    I like the HS45 trimmer myself, that's all I use but I bought the hedge trimmer attachment for the fs-85 (it's not cheap thou, like $200) but it's really nice for those tricky bushes, kinda heavy but it sure can save a day.
  9. willietd2

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    stihl all the way
  10. Lawnut101

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    I'd recommend Echo. I just bought one today, and I love it. Stihl is nice too, I have some other handhelds from them, but I like 2 cycle engines rather than 4 cycles. Stihl is phasing out their 2 cycle engines very slowley. But, it depends on your dealer support. My dealer said that he'd support Echo's 5 year warranty. When you think about it being guaranteed to work for 5 years, that's only $40 a year, easy to pay off. But anyway, check around and see which dealer you like best.

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