Stihl vs. Echo? Whats your opinion?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by mwalz, Aug 12, 2013.

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    Absolutely!! Ditto!!
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    I purchased a Stihl way back in 95 when they were made in Japan. The thing lasted until 2000. I replaced it with a Stihl 4-mix piece of crap and that left such a bad taste in my mouth I went with RedMax and Shindiawa and have not regretted it. If I had to choose only one line of 2-strokes it would be RedMax. I've run the crap out of my BCZ2600S and its going on 8yrs old with not even a spark plug. I had a BCZ3000 that had a funky rattle in it from day one. It never gave any problems but it was just a little too heavy for my needs so I traded it in on another piece of equipment I needed. My 7500 blower is been flawless too though it seems a little on the heavy side. Then again it may just be me getting older...
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    I agree as many people don't sway from what they have unless they have a problem. I am the same way. I don't fix what's not broken. If I like a product I most likely don't have time/money to do a real life comparison. So pre buying goes by spec, price and peoples feedback on a product and last but not least, dealer and parts availability. I use mostly echo and have zero problems. With this said. I'd try a stihl anyday. I love orange.

    My trimmer is echo SRM261T - great on fuel, excellent torque. I use .095 echo crossfire which shattered a glass bottle I didnt see. Now mine is the old gray body before bought by shindawa ( so I heard) Not sure if they changed there quality. I have done zero maintenance and I ran it on a small weekly lawn service for 2 season and now use it more than ever on my property. I did put a shindawa speed feed head on it. I have also used it with the accessory blades to cut thick grass, cat tails and other small saplings. Big thumbs up.

    I have had 2 hand held echo,blowers . ES-210 shred vac. Came in really handy for a few things that's why I hd to get the vac option first. A back back would be nicer and I will get one when I start up another lawn service next season. ( I took a 3 year break due to children). I had the gray housing and now orange house. First one fell off a truck when a relative borrowed it. The
    new one runs every but as good but the plastic is a bit cheaper quality.

    Echo HC-150 hedge trimmer. In a pinch I hit the big box store (which I swore I'd never do) works fantastic and I have put this machine through some serious work. I have zero experience with any other gas model hedge trimmers though.

    PE 230 echo stick edger. Works fantastic. (does anyone really have complaints on stick edgers). Very rarely aside from engine starting do I hear complaints of any reputable edger.

    Stihl MS270c chainsaw. My personal opinion is stihl makes one of the best chainsaws in almost any class. Stihl to chainsaws is kleenex to facial tissue.

    I did have and echo chainsaw but comparing it to my current saw isn't fair. It was great and worked well. Good quality. But it's like a ford ranger to an f-250. If you get my drift.

    With all the echo I have, the stihl dealer is around the corner and that would most likely be my next purchase since it's an awesome dealer. "lumberjack shack" wow, Fantastic guys in there. Plus it's the best color, Orange
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    I'm a one-man show so my stuff usually lasts a long time. I run it hard but don't beat on them or abuse them. Honestly, some guys showing up for a paycheck can bust an anvil with a rubber mallet. A big operator here told me no brand trimmer he has tried will last longer than 2yrs from the gorillas he has to hire. I'd go broke buying new stuff every two years.
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    I ran a RedMax BCZ2600Z I think was the model. I bought it in 2005 I think, and replaced it last spring with a Stihl FS90, I think X, but it might be something else. It is a four stroke, so it is SLIGHTLY heavier than the RedMax, but better balanced. It has so much more torque, that it makes it more versatile.

    The Redmax had a lot of power, but got really persnikity and didn't want to run right. I tried lots of different things before figuring life was too short to be frustrated by a machine. I'm glad I got the Stihl. If the engine in my pickup ever quits, I'll find a way to hook the Stihl to the driveshaft so I can get home. Well maybe it won't have that much power, but it makes you think it does.

    BTW, by buying a six pack of Stihl, premium oil, they doubled the warranty on the trimmer to four years.
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    Stihl for life!!
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    I have several Stihl BR420's that are 23 years old (they run like they hate the world)

    Numerous FS 80 machines right at 23 years old (line trimmers, edgers, hedge trimmers all have the power head) They all run perfectly

    I went to Stihl Four Mix machines because I had no choice (needed more equipment)
    The Government will force all equipment manufacturers to eventually move to 4 mix or 4 stroke machines

    I blame California and Al Gore for the global warming hog wash

    my point is if you take proper care of your equipment it will last

    All my employee get the equipment talk

    If I see or hear of an employee abusing equipment "Blink they are gone"
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    2-Strokes will be able to easily meet emissions for the forseeable future. That's exactly why Husky purchased RedMax. They would have never done so otherwise. Strato-engine tech along with exhaust catalyst will run as clean as these 4-mess engines. RedMax is easily meeting even Ca. emissions without a catalyst. Ditto for Tanaka, Shindy, Maruyama and so on.
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    Stihls, in my experience, last longer (especially blowers) but they need the carbs tuned on a regular basis. They also don't shock the sh*t out of you. Echos seem to just die after 3 or so years. They are also a lot harder to start cold than a Stihl (my experience).

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