Stihl vs Redmax Blower, with logic applied...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dcplace2004, May 1, 2005.

  1. dcplace2004

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    I agree with the user that basically said "Why use a viper to go to the grocery store when you can use a more practical vehicle." With much thought and hours of research I bought the Stihl br is why:
    1. New technology, headed in the right direction, although still in its infancy--2 stroke will be a thing of the past in the near future.
    2. Great design--smooth, contoured, etc.
    3. Price--I paid 411.22 total, with our state's huge sales tax (compared to 595.676 with tax for the Redmax 8000
    4. Great fuel efficiency--it runs 32 to 35 oz per hour with a 47.3 oz capacity...the Redmax runs through 77.7 oz in 1.2 hours--ridiculous if you ask me...
    5. Not as noisy...the Redmax 8000 is ridiculous in noise
    6. Not as heavy and was crazy trying to get the pack on and adjusted...
    7. DOES NOT SHOCK YOUR DARN HAND!! Redmax did not think of putting a conductor wire inside the tube, and at their huge price there was no excuse for that...
    8. Cannot blow a tree stump, but is very practical--All you Tim the Toolmen out there need to wake up and be logical...
    9. Can do 90 to 95 percent of what a person needs to do
    10. My Service centers ONLY SERVICE STIHL! LOL! Guess who has to pick up the tab for the other brands? The ones that sell Redmax!
    11. Wonderful AV system...great for long use...I could feel the Redmax right through my back and arm...
    12. Comfortable feel...the Redmax was awkward with its power...
    13. It has more moving parts--who cares
    14. It may need a valve adjustment at around whatever hours--who cares
    15. It will not blow a huge pile of wet leaves--who cares--pick them up by hand
    16. With all this and more, the Redmax 8000 DOES NOT outperform the Stihl br 550--with total, all around performance...
    17. Enough Said...don't counter this with "Oh yeah, mine is bigger and badder." I simply will LOL at ya...thanks...
  2. ed2hess

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    You make a lot of good points in particular the gas usage. I still think that weight is THE most important factor and for that reason even this unit is to heavy for every day use. Also this unit is too tall to put inside a standard cage easily..same for Echo 650 and Redmax 8000. Apparently Echo don't agree with your point on 2 stroke they are sticking with them for the future. I would be GRAVELY concerned about the reliability of this new engine, but $400 isn't a large amount. I like your way of looking at things most people use "gut" not good reasoning. Drop me a note and let me know more about how you like the unit at the end of season, I do like Stihl equipment! By the way we got a 13hp Billygoat for moving big piles of leaves and like it a LOT.
  3. Fantasy Lawns

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    That all sounds good ..... n it is

    After the years .... new is great ..... actually it's killer BUT .... I like to shop eBay .... have a great dealer/pawn shop in O town .... sells Redmax or Shin 7001 usually if you are patient .... less than at max 50 hours of use fore around $225-250.... last one I just got last month look like 10 hours of use ..... at my door fore $320 n she'll last easy 2-3 years

    I agree I don't like the big heavy 8001 ... but if I was doing leaf work or such .... than I'd have at least 1 of em

    With a bunch of different guys using the stuff ... the newer stuff just don't fit into my program .... working year round ....putting lots of hours on em .... getting beat up

    I agree if it was just me again ....solo is how I went ...n the 4 cycle stuff does have great economy n less noise
  4. grass_cuttin_fool

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    That is what Im thinking too Ed. If Im gonna be moving lots of leaves then I would be using a Billy Goat or Lil wonder. When you speak of 2 cycle mix, gas is $2.00 a gallon and then add in the oil mix and that will be about 50 cents a gallon (bulk). So a gallon of 2 cycle mix is atleast $2.50 a gallon. I havent used a push blower but in a neighborhood I work, I have seen a 6hp move alot of leaves, more than a backpack I think and if its like most of thoose smaller engines they are not bad on fuel.
    On the other hand I know that time is money, and in the fall when moving leaf piles daylight is a premium.Most people that find a way to save time on one job will waste it somewhere else. I am a fan of stihl equipment also. I would like to know how the br does this season, this is the 3rd season on my br 340 and Im thinking about getting a new blower and moving the 340 to back up
  5. Steppenwolf

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    Place 2004,
    Have you got much time on the new blower? I know I will be adding a few later this year and have not been happy with the 420's(hard starting when engine is hot).I like Stihl,dealers are convient and knowledgeable. Keep us informed as you use the unit a little more. Very interested in your findings and opinion,good or bad.
  6. Appalachian landscape

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    $2.50 /gal for mix gas? Gas is around $2.40 /gal here and I pay about $1.00-$1.70 for a 1 gal of mix oil. That's about $3.50-$4.00 for a gal of mix for me. Maybe I should look at bulk purchasing 2 cycle oil.
  7. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I use ''no-smoke'' for $16.00 a gallon and mix 50:1 so $16 divided by 50 = .32 a gallon. Also my stihl dealer has the 2 1/2 gallon stihl mix for $1.19 and that works out to .48 a gallon. Also I have seen some good deals on an ebay store with shipping that were way less than 50 cents a gallon.
  8. J.Gordon

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    I agree with you! Why buy a RedMax 8000 for $479.00 that will out work the $411.00 Stihl hands down and have less maintenance in its useful life, that’s why I think you should save even more money and buy a $100.00 21’’ mower from Wal-Mart that will only use .75 gallons per hour instead of that gas guzzling 60’’ ZTR that uses 1.25 GPH. payup payup
  9. dcplace2004

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    I don't understand your sarcasm...I just went and tested the stihl br 550 on the same things I tested the Redmax 8000 and it was a little under power on 4 to 5 inch rocks than the Redmax...who cares! It blew gravel, sticks, leaves, trash, etc etc fine....and I made a cloud of dust around me and guess what--no static electric junk...later...and, buy the way...cut the condescending sarcasm...we are all grown adults...
  10. MMLawn

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    Well I'll say this. I currently have a lot of Stihl blowers (and other brands) and my dealer carries all of the big three, Stihl, RedMax and Echo and when I was in there a couple weeks ago looking at adding a couple new blowers he didn't push me toward any brand but he did tell me (and again he is a long time Stihl dealer) to say away from the New 550 Stihl that it just wasn't where it needed to be.

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