Stihl vs Redmax trimmer/brushcutter

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hagerg, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. hagerg

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    Per previous post, my wife got me a Stihl FS110RX for Christmas. The Stihl website says RX model shouldn't be used with other attachments (pole saw etc.) When I talked to our Stihl dealer he sorta gave be the brushoff (no pun intended) and said unit would work with all attachments. I called Stihl and tech support was great. Told me FS110R had solid shaft and could be used with attachments but RX model shouldn't be. I'm sorta got po'd at Stihl dealer cause they don't seem to care if they have my business or not. I returned unit to dealer and I'm considering Redmax. EXZ2500S or BCZ 2500S/2600S. I might give my business to another Stihl dealer or buy Redmax. Don't want to shoot myself in the foot because Stihl dealer was lame. At least the Redmax dealer would talk to me. Which unit to buy? Stihl or Redmax? Thanks gh
  2. all ferris

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    IMO Redmax is lots better than Stihl. I have not used the new fs110 but I used to have a few fs85 and they are heavier and not as ballanced as the redmax. I also had to rebuild the carbs on the stihl more than once. I have never had to do anthing to the redmax trimmers except add line and gas.
  3. Triple L

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    I want to trade my FS 85 up for a Honda 4 stroke, used it at expo 2004, so quiet, don't always have that bell noice from the clutch. So much smoother, the clutches on the stihls are to hard, it's hard to do delicate trimming. Never tried a redmax
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    I own both redmax and stilh and have had excellent experiences with both, however if you are looking for some of the attachments I would go with the stihl because thus far I have been able to purchase attachments at a lesser cost (at least 20%). They have all worked well, I would recommend either machine, personally I like the redmax trimmer, dislike their stick edger as compared to the stilh. Have Stihl powerpruner extendable, love it, use 2400 and 2500 RM trimmers on the trucks everyday.

    I also have a BR400 blower (10 yrs old) that I would put right up against the RM anytime.

    Both manufacters are good, stand behind their equipment, both have excellent durability.

    Base your decision on service in this case
  5. Travis Followell

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    I think you should go with the Stihl because the 4 mix engine is the best on the market IMO. They have so much power and torque and they are not real loud. I can't speak for Redmax because i've never used one but I do love the Stihl 4 mix engines. I think you should get which ever one you like the best. If the dealer is the problem with Stihl then just go to another Stihl dealer.
  6. mkwl

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    Get a Red Max BCZ2600S!!! I love mine!!! I have one and it has a lot of power and torque, and I haven't had any problems with it at all!! Stihl also makes a good unit.

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