Stihl vs. Shindaiwa vs. Echo

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by smitty's lawncare, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. redmax fan

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    i only run redmax weed stix n blowers so know nothing else

    but concerning heads i remove the redmax heads and replace with the shindiawa speed feeds because theyre WAY better , mainly because they feed the string out so well . where as with redmax that can be a pita . but everything else about the redmax is excellent imo . shindiawa speed heads at my dealer are like 27 . and now when we buy a new stick my dealer replaces the redmax head with a speed head for free :drinkup:
  2. smitty's lawncare

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    I've heard really good things about the redmax blowers, especially from other people on lawnsite.
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  3. Porcupine Lawn and Snow

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    I have both of the Stihl units you are interested in.
    They are great just replace the trimmer head with a speed-feed or something similar...
    BR600 has the right amount of power and is great for everyday use.
  4. Redmaxmann01

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    Redmax IMHO is the best blower. Their blowers do out-perform almost any other brand. Their strato-charged engines are well.... Have their ups and downs. They do take a few mins to warm up or you can speed the process by running full throttle and playing with the choke and primer while
    Running full to make it run at its peak for faster warm ups.

    Anywho their engines are still Zenonah engines. Fully Japanese with their quality. Many are assembled in the USA at their Georgia plant, but some too are assembled in Japan. Really never a difference in build quality though between the two counties on this product. Same goes for their trimmer lines and hedge trimmers too. However if you are in the market for a really good quality one go with Maruyama ( Japanese) or Stihl ( German;assembled in USA). Both will last you a long long time. Stihl though does have the biggest string trimmer engines to weight ratio available.

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