Stihl vs. Shindaiwa?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MikeKle, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. MikeKle

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    I am looking for a new backpack blower, either a stihl BR 550 or shindaiwa EB8520. the shindy has the biggest power of any of the otherr blowers witha 79.7cc engine and 762cfm at the end of the tube with 224 mph. although there is no shindaiwa dealers close to me,stihl dealers are everywhere though. I am concerned the stihls 4mix doesnt have the high end power compared to a 2 stroke blower,when it comes to a blower,I wouldnt think you would want low end torque type power because blowers dont get "bogged" down like a trimmer would,so a 2 stroke seems like the logical choice,but with the whole handheld industry going to 4 stroke engines,a 2 stroke might be obsolete in a couple years?Any opinions?
  2. All_Toro_4ME

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    Have you searched on this site? Comm brand equip is often compared and addressed for performance against each other. Im sure you will be able to find multiple days worth of reading material for your subject.
  3. tamadrummer

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    Well you cannot buy the 8520 until August 08'

    The 8520 is also a hybrid 4 stroke just like the 4 mix from Stihl.

    The good news is you can buy an 8510 and the numbers are basically the same. If you want 2 stroke, than you will want to wait for August and the EB802 which will have the same or close to the same numbers as the C4 style big boys from Shindi.

    I will be owning the 8510 in March, I cannot wait for August and I don't want to buy a lower powered blower.
  4. cfrymow

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    I have a stihl br 420 witch is 5 years old and have not had one problem and a br 600 that's 1 year old. I still us the 420 over the 600. 420 is not as comfortable as 600 but 420 performs better in my opinion hope that helps a little
  5. yungman

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    from Calif.
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    I think the big Redmax (8000?) is as powerful as the EB8510 without the hybrid 4 cycle problem!!!!

    Think twice before getting the hybrid 4 cycles like BR550 and EB8510. BR550 is not in the same class as Redmax 8000 or EB8510, not even close!!! Check out Redmax if you want to do a good blow job!!!:laugh::laugh:
  6. shepoutside

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    Stick with dealer support!!
  7. tamadrummer

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    What place are you getting your stats from? The redmax 8000 is a 71.9 CC engine and 203 mph

    The Shindaiwa 8510 is 79.7cc and 224 mph

    That may look like the same to you but it is no where near the same to me. I will go with the Shindi and Stihl Ultra HP oil and 93 octane gas.
  8. yungman

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    from Calif.
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    Close enough!!! You are going to take a big chance on hybrid for just a little gain?

    I have the Shindaiwa EB3410 hand held, supposed to be the most powerful hand held, 200 mph, it is really not that powerful!!! If that is a true number, is should be as powerful as most of the BP. It is not!!! I think the numbers are just a guide line, and that is putting it politely. The engine size wise, cc to cc, I think 2 cycle is going to have a little advantage. The two is going to be very close. Noise wise, I am sure Shindi is going to be quieter.

    But if you really get the 8510, keep us posted on how it work out.
  9. KarambaStar

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    Stihl vs. Shindaiwa,,the difference is dealer support. You can't go wrong with either,,equipment wise they're both top-notch. But dealer support should be your ultimate decision maker,,and that doesn't necessarily mean who is closer to you,,stop by the different dealers and feel them out,,the one that treats you best, the one you feel the most comfortable with should be the one you buy from. It's better to drive a few extra miles for a good dealer than to buy from a rotten one next door.
    The EB8510 & EB3410 are currently the most powerful handheld & BP blowers in the world. Hybrid/mini 4-stroke is part of the future of - get used to it. It will only improve.
    tamadrummer, the EB802 has a slightly larger displacement to meet EPA requirements...the specs are not significantly more than the EB630.
  10. woodbutcher44

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    2 of my local dealers just droped shind's the guy I talked to said he will carry parts and service them but the co does not repay warranty work and the will still sell echo aand stilhon the floor .
    He spoke about hedger over and over so I tend to think it nay be something with them as the main porblem .
    Ive never used one so I cant say fist hand but Ihave a friend that uses nothing but shindi and swears that he will use nothing else .Well see when he has to drive 45 miles to get a new piece.

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