STIHL Weed Trimmer, can not decide!!!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by vomeisentor, Oct 19, 2009.

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    I just bout me STHIL FS85R, and STHIL 110R.

    I got the FS85R from a neighbor. He is a retired master engineer and he fixes things for hobby. He got this FS85 from some one who broke the head and let it sat around for a while. Then the machine would not start. So He gets it and start work on it. He replaced all old parts he got from a local STIHL dealer, cleaned them up and fixed to good working condition. And I bought it.

    Then, I bout FS110R on eBay, I was already bidding before I got the FS85 thinking I would not win the auction, but ended up winning. I do not know any back ground about this machine except some one dropped it off at a consignment store for them to sell it on ebay. The machine looks and works good.

    I know FS85 is an older discontinued model 2 cycle engine, durable, faster and low maintenance. The FS110 is newer model 2 cycle engine with 4-mix system, got more power, more torque and meet EPA standard for clean air (clean engine).

    I do not need two for my residential home of one acre. land... but now I am in love with both of them!!! which one do you recommend for me to keep and one to sell ?? What would you do? Your experienced advice would be greatly appreciate it!
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    I have at least two of everything and as many as five of some, You never know when something is going to take a dump. If your not strapped for cash keep um both, There's nothing worse than having something go down in the middle of a job. Just rotate back and forth so the carbs won't lacquer up.
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    Righto, for commercial users, it will end up costing you less in the long run. If you only have one of something, you will pay a lot more to get it fixed or for the parts if you need it right then, and have no time to shop around or look at it yourself. We too don't have less than 2 of everything necessary and in most areas a lot more than 2.

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