Still Kicking, Cancer wont win

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by punt66, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. punt66

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    Worked as a equipment operator/tri-axle driver. Then diagnosed with brain cancer (30years old). A month later my daughter was born. After spinal cord surgery and now a very bad back i was finally able to mow my lawn. But since it was too much for me to do the 1 acre lot with a 21" push now i decided to buy a rider. Well i wanted a commercial and got a great deal on a ferris ztr which has a suspension(easier on back). That was the first day of my business. Not intentionally! I enjoyed mowing the lawn with the new mower and was dissapointed it only took 10 min! haha So i looked for a couple extra yards to do. With each new yard i took the stronger my back has become. Well now its 3 years and 63 accounts later and i am strong like bull. New truck and lots of equipment. I still have limitations and sometimes i think im doing too much but i figure i may as well do it while i can. Still have cancer but MRI's show that its not growing!:dancing: Next year i will hire full time help. Good luck to you all.
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    Well punt66 I see you whopping ass and taken names my firend, I see you Big Dawg! I wish you and your family all of the best. I know alot of guys including myself get on here and complain about the smallest stuff, without realizing how easy we have it. Man you are a inspiration to me and you dont even know how much you have put things into perspective for me. Thank You. :weightlifter:
  3. IA_James

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    Hang in there, cancer isn't good news but it can be beat.
  4. brianhanson37

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    Keep at it and never give up! I now know two people as of April that have survived cancer.
  5. marthanmike1959

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    What an inspiration thanks for sharing your story.I'am a truck driver ltl frieght and was looking to start out part time in mowing my wife is disabled so i was looking to make alittle extra income.I just injured by back 3 bulging disks and ciatic nerve problems so now i have 0 income.I'll know more tuesday about my condition but i only have half your problem.
    When i think i have a problem all i have to do is open my eyes and look and see i'am a blessed man.Feeling sorry for myself and i run up on your story.Thanks so much for your story.I will remember you in my prayers and yes there is power in prayers.Keep on keeping on and i will do the same
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    Thanks for nice responses. My family and are doing well and i am just happy i have been blessed to watch see my daughter grow. I do have new hope for a longer than expected survival. It seems the cancer has gone dormant. I never expected such responses, i just thought i would share my business story. Thanks for the kind words.
  7. punt66

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    dont know what happened to my grammar in the last post? haha
  8. zemzabob

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    Wow and I was complaining about a little headache last night I wish you and your family all the best you are truly a fighter and an inspiration to us all.
  9. farmboy1285

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    Hey man keep fighting hard, Its good your keeping a positive outlook. I think you said that the cancer is not spreading so I hope that you will have a good and speedy recovery.
  10. Danielsp

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    Great story my friend, you really give life a whole new perspective to be appreciated!

    Where are you working out of?

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