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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Frue, Mar 14, 2008.

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    nomy is still media driven? I would wait and see before I decide on those big purchases. The dollar at a all time low, your house is losing equity, and just last week the fed had to bail out the banks.

    With not knowing where the economy is going are you planning big purchases like mowere 10,000 and above, trucks, and other big ticket items? So lets hear guys any worries and techniques you are deploying to have a great 08.
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    I am trying to run as efficiently as possible. I have my goals for the year and will be pushing the guys to get there as much as possible. I will be doing a year end bonus for getting us to the Number and at the net number that i have attached to the gross. I will also be pushing for efficiency incentives, come up with a way to save money and we will split the savings. This will also be done as a year end bonus, haven't figured out the best way to track this yet, I think time saving incentives will be the easiest to follow.

    Part of my growth initiative is to have the guys reporting house that we service that need extras like weeding and pruning, puddeling water for drainage work, erosion, etc. I think that this will get them more involved in the selling process, better vested in growth and just get them paying more attention the properties.

    I hope I'm right!

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