Stiners are they any good?

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I have seen a few stiners here and their and allways thought that they looked like they could take a real beating!I have heard also that they have a real nice stripeing affect.I was looking at one of the decks and realized that it was becouse there is a roller behind the deck.And from what I see they have the largest assortment of attachments in the industry.But on the down side they are not zero turn and I heard that they are slow.Does any one know anything about these machines?How fast do they cut??Any help would be great!Thanks!


I tried a 2 wheel drive Steiner a few years back. Absolutely beautiful stripes! Not as fast as a ZTR as far as turning, but travel speed compares quite well. Weight transfer from the mower deck to the drive wheels gives good traction. They do indeed have a wide range of attachments, probably the most of any tractor based machine. If I was still doing really large areas I'd consider buying one. For smaller areas a ZTR will get you out faster than a Steiner though. I think they will only come into their own if you are on 2-3 acre minimum, relatively open lots. Doesn't help any taht the only dealer around here dropped Steiner.


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Steiner has a couple of ZTR's. One that appears to be a Bunton style from a few years ago and one that appears to be the Ransome's Twin Trac from the early 90's. Amazing the cross breeding after Textron took over.



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A lot of the larger maintenance companies around me run nothing but steiners. They have those articulated ones with the deck out front. They seem to move fairly fast, but not as fast as the lazers and other zero turns out there.

One nice thing is the attachments though. The front mount blower attachment is excellant I heard, and when fall comes, you see a lot of them. In case your not familiar, its like a roll blower that runs off the pto of the machine. Seen guys move leaves FAST with these.

As for quality of cut, I can't say I'm that impressed. Think the big tires ruin the effect, since you are driving four of them over the area you cut as your go.


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I use a Steiner 220, & love it. Best of all, I got it for a real good price.
If you have plain mowing, buy a Z. If you do leaves, till & aerate, can use a slip scoop for mulch & dirt& snow, as well as a snowblower, post hole digger, stump grinder, etc. & need something that can help you with landscaping, then a Steiner's versatility is hard to beat.
My 220 (2wd model) has 11 MPH top speed, & a Posi-traction feature that will stick it to a hillside like glue. Plus with a front mounted deck, you can get under trees & such much better. And it has a 2 speed tranny for climbing hills or striping the side of a hill or over rolling contours. Oh yes, don't forget the nice stripe that is 2nd to none (I'm a little biased as you can tell). It won't mow as fast as my bobcat, but it leaves a better finshed product.
If you need a mower that can do all that, then YES a Steiner is worth looking into. If you want plain mowing at fast speed, then keep looking elsewhere. That's why I'm lucky to have both, depending on what is needed each time we stop. If you can afford it, put one of each in your stable. :)

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