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Stinger’s new ground metered applicator at GIE

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Stinger is showing their new applicator which features many industry first:
  • Both spread and spray ground metered technology (1.5 - 5.5 mph accurate application)
  • All electronic controls: no cables, levers, valves, or dripping diaphragms. One touch operation.
  • Smart calibration - use a container and collect fert or spray. Tell the control how much you collected and it does all the math based on the time it was distributing that product. Doesn't get any easier.
  • All stainless steel NASCAR inspired tube frame making it lighter and stronger.
  • New steering is the tightest and easiest to turn in the industry and it isn't even close.
  • Commercial hydrostatic pump and motor drive system making it 3-5x longer life than competition. We went with the optional cooling fan to which is over kill to extend life even further.
  • 32 gal all liquid unit option: the new 150 lb hopper deign removes in 2 min with 4 bolts and 1 connector to be replaced with a 16 gal spray tank. You can spray from either tank with the touch of a button from the control panel.
  • These are the highlights but there is a lot more that won't fit in a post.
Basic Specs:
  • 360 lbs
  • 150 lb hopper; 16 gal man spray tank w/additional 16 gal option
  • 35" wide, 56" long (yep, its that compact),43" tall
  • 18"drive tires and 13" steering tires
  • All stainless powder coated frame.
  • 6.5 hp commercial Vanguard electric start engine.
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Going to be able to use it on hills/slopes?
once you see you will understand how low to the ground it is

the top of the spray tank comes up to my knee cap

it's very capable on hills
Very interested then.... Looks about the size that we've been looking for.
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