Stinger 36” Aerator goes EFI - making it very lively!

We only have 3 of the new 36” riding aerators left in stock for the season. If you were planning on getting one of the 3 acre / hr monster aerators they are almost gone. There are some at dealers too but they sell as soon as they hit the ground normally.

2019 Models are all Kawasaki EFI powered. They have more get up and go than the carberated engines under heavy load. Feels like a little diesel.

We will be building only 24” and 30” unit the rest of the season and there are only around 40 of each of those left which will go quickly also.



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Grand Rapids MI
EFI Kawasaki--sweet!

Dave, do you have any data showing the number of moles taken out by aeration? Double aeration?
Do you suggest a spiral pattern as opposed to plain back and forth pattern? Each turn would be 90 degrees instead of 180 degrees.