Stinger dual aer 2455-2475.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by lawn king, Aug 13, 2018.

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    I will be buying a stinger aerator in a couple of weeks, I assume they recommend the 2455 if you plan to use the sulky. The 2455 has a much bigger fuel tank and a little more hp. I would buy the quad air in a new york minute, but my aeration needs are for a small machine for small residentials. I will continue to perform my large & commercial aerations with my woods pl72 (3 point hitch) aerator.
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    I just picked up a 2475 and have about 10 hours on it. So far so good. I do wish it had a bigger fuel tank. I use a Sulky with it. Lets not kid, it still beats you up especially your wrist and shoulders from vibration and cranking out turns. Compared to the Ryan Lawnaire V steerable it is more efficient and less physical work to get around. I ditched the Sulky for some small areas of the yard and it really shined. It is easier to control the speed and at a slower speed it glides forward and backward with slight turns to get between bushes, curbing etc effortlessly. It really is very smooth and requires less physical work to walk behind it compared to using the Sulky. One leach field was about 20,000 sq ft. If i did those all day long I would invest in a ride on for sure. If you are using it for a mix of yard types and need it to get in and out of things or with lots of bends in the landscape the machine is very comfortable. The Sulky is nice on long runs and it is easy to whip a turn with it but it does require some physical stamina on your behalf. You have to lean into the handle to force the front tires up off the ground, lift off slightly on one of the drive levers and let the tines bring the machine around for you. When using with out the Sulky it is much easier to keep the speed down and let the machine do most of the work for turning on its own. So yes, aerating still sucks but not nearly as much as it used to. Using the Sulky on gravel drive ways to move around is a bit tough for traction. It is much easier to hang the sulky and walk it so you can give it the occasional push. The machine quality is fantastic. All linkages are tight, the controls are natural feeling and I thought the levers more much more comfortable than a Scag Vride. Just wanted to share my opinions because I read them all in August when I was trying to decide on which machine to get.
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    I ended up holding off and am waiting for the quad air 30 to come out. Don't know if that will still be too big did your needs. But their current machine is just too large for most residential lawns unless your doing nothing but large estates.
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    Great to hear the feedback on your Stinger Aerator. As you get better on it, you won’t ever take the sulky off.

    Also, work on relaxing your arms more....again as you get better and driving becomes 2nd nature, it is efffortless when aerating.

    I like to go in circles on larger properties or skip every other rows going back and forth and then go back and fill in the rows. Turns are not as tight and easier to do all day.

    If I have a small property 2-4K, I might do back and forth doing tight 180s. But doing this all day does get tiring.

    Everyone had their own way of running them...this is just what I do.
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    For me and the steerable aerators or even tow behinds. I like to do the perimeter pass then divide the yard in half and do the center line and one pass in from the perimeter and then keep shifting over by making ovals instead of tight 180 degree turns.
    The less lifting up the tines the better.
    No need to stripe while aerating.

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